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Hi! I’m Nikki
and I’m a Fopperholic!

Fopperholic combines my passions of food and shopping!

A fopperholic is a shopaholic who also loves food! My blog is all about healthy eating, recipes, support, inspiration, beauty, fashion, IVF, pregnancy and now also being a twin mum!

After losing 3 stone in 3 months with Slimming World and keeping it off for over 16 years, I created a social media platform for sharing my recipes, tips, motivation, product reviews, all alongside beauty and fashion advice.

I’ve been on the cover of Slimming World’s magazine twice and featured in numerous other magazines and newspapers, such as Bella and The Daily Mirror.

I’m an award-winning Gold Consultant and I was also a very successful Team Developer at Slimming World before my twins. 

My social media platforms have become a really popular and engaging lifestyle blog, so much so it made the Top 20 UK YouTube Influencers of 2018 in the TOTS100 poll. I’m so, so, so grateful to every single person that follows me!!! It’s like one big fopping family!

I struggled with infertility for a very long time, but thankfully now after three IVF attempts, we have non identical twin boys! My amazing little miracles have changed my life! I absolutely LOVE being a twin mum, this has added a whole dimension to my blogs. You can follow my journey here.

If you love food, fashion, beauty, fitness, baby talk and parenting supporting, you’re in the right place!!!

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Welcome! It’s lovely to have you here! Grab a cuppa and have a look around!

Nikki x


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