Creamy Garlic, Tarragon & Mushroom Chicken

Hey guys,

So this is bloody lovely!!! It’s so easy, quick and tasty too!!!

I’m not really a measurer, I’m a chuck it in girl. You really don’t need to worry too much, or overthink measurements of this, as you’ll know your own taste buds.

I’ll give you an approx though. This is for one person.

Chicken breast
Spinach (optional)
Garlic. 1 clove or garlic fry light
Tarragon, dry or fresh. I use dried.
Quark which is free, or Philli lightest from your A choice (you get 110g so you can spikt it 50/50 with milk)
Mustard powder
Chicken stock


1. Pan fry pieces of chicken breast in garlic, then add the onion, mushrooms and spinach.

2. While that cooks mix together chicken stock (approx 50ml), do this first, a big heaped tbs dollop of Philly or quark, 1/2 tsp of mustard powder and a tsp of tarragon. Add to the chicken and simmer gently.

3. Season well with salt and pepper.

That’s it!! You can then choose to mix in cooked pasta, or have it on top of rice or quinoa. Serve with veg or salad on the side for your 1/3rd speed.

I also make the exact same recipe but swop the tarragon for smoked paprika. That’s stunning too!!!!!!!!!!!

Syn free. Enjoy and happy fopping xx