Hunters chicken eesp stylie

Hi all. So tonight I made syn free hunters chicken! I used to love this as a kid!! I made the BBQ sauce which saves syns and I used the little bit of cheese I had as part of my hea choice.There's a photo of the BBQ sauce recipe. I like things spicy so I have the chilli powder, if you're not in to spicy food just leave that out.All you do is bake the chicken for about 10 minutes, then wrap the bacon round and pop back in the oven. I then topped with the sauce and the cheese. Done! It's so easy and really tasty. I had mine with butternut squash chips, veggies and a flat mushroom. Heaven!I'm currently doing eesp hence the lack of potato, you could serve this with wedges or syn free chips and salad, coleslaw would be nice too!!Dessert was my weird eesp sweet treat!! Fat free cottage cheese, 1/2 syn of choc shot, some chocolate orange flavouring from cupcake world (syn free) and berries. I love it and it's so filling. Keep an open mind and don't knock it till you've tried it. If you don't like it go for quark, sweetener and a sachet of chocolate options.Happy Fopping xxEnjoy xxx