Amazing new product!!!!!

I've got to tell you all quickly about this amazing new product!!!! My cousins lovely wife has set up her own business selling this stunning 100% pure coconut oil of the very highest grade - with no added nasties. It's cold-pressed, unprocessed and specially selected from chemical-free farms in Thailand. Kokoso is packed full of amazing natural nutrients that will nourish, moisturise and protect the delicate skin of babies. Lauren sent some to Katie Price for her new baby and she loved it!! She loved it so much she starting using it herself. That's exactly what I've done!! It is a baby product but it's also great for grown-ups too as a natural body moisturiser, or for hair care, make up removal and so on. Check out the fb page and the website It's a really good price too!The only downside for me is it smells so flipping good I want to eat it it. Good luck Hun, I really think this is going to be the next big thing!!!!xxxx*This is solely my independent opinion. I am not and never will be paid to promote products. Lauren is family and I believe in her product