Barcelona, addiction and on a mission

Hi all!! I've really missed writing my blog while I've been away. I wasn't Ill!!!!! The first holiday in three years that I could enjoy. I really think the ear planes I bought helped on the flight and I tried to be sensible with the sun, drinking loads of water and wearing a hat. I can't tell you how pleased and relieved I felt!!!! Barcelona is one of the most amazing places I've ever been to!! I had such a fab time with my gorgeous boyfriend. The architecture, restaurants, bars, clubs and of course shops are amazing!!! We stayed near La Rambla and we couldn't of picked a better location!! The hotel was lovely, I loved loved loved the breakfast selection!!!!! There was tons of fruit, meats, eggs, even fat free yogurt! They'd also make omelettes for you and had skimmed milk! There was a roof top pool which was lovely too!La Rambla is fantastic, loads going on, a people watchers dream!!! We found a wonderful square with tons of restaurants and bars and entertainment. There's loads of shops in Barcelona too, love zara!!The gothic quarter is beautiful too, more oldy wordly. So many little back streets to explore.Then you've got the more modern part by the Port Olympic, this is where the stunning shoko was. We also went to the w hotel, OMG so stunning!!!!! Not cheap though at 35 euros for two vodkas!! So glad we went though, they've got glass walls so it's a panoramic view of the city :-) the beach is really lovely too.I loved the bus tour!!!! Two hours and you get to see much of this stunning place. The Sagrada Familia Cathedral designed by Gaudi was mind blowing!!!!!!!!We certainly tried a wide variety of food!!! It wasn't all paella and tapas although we did have that. We had Italian food, Arabic, Asian and Chinese lol. I always tried to make good choices, not so much with the drinks lol!!! I asked for a side salad at most places but they don't really do them so ended up with a huge one!!! I wasn't complaining!!!So my title has the word addiction in. I gave up smoking nye and have been using a menthol disposable e light type thingie. It's fab!! I wasn't a massive smoker but liked to have a few with a drink. It's like food, I found a substitute for something that was bad for me. I didn't miss smoking, in fact it meant I didn't have to keep going outside and my clothes and hair no longer stunk!! However on holiday I went out without it one night. Big mistake!! They didn't sell them anywhere and I couldn't rest as I really wanted it!! I ended up going on a hunt for some menthol cigarettes, I was driving chris mad!!! I found somewhere that sold them, the relief!!! I sat down looking forward to it, lit it, took one puff and was very disappointed!!!!! It was horrible!! Big let down, it got me thinking though. This is like when we binge isn't it. Some people are addicted to food, chocolate, crisps whatever........ Mentally of course. Then we go mad, eat loads and then feel rubbish!!!! This is when the pause technique comes in useful. Stop, pause for 30 minutes. Try and find a low syn substitute, then after 30 minutes reassess if you still want it. Hopefully that feeling would of passed by then.After eating and drinking out for 6 days I felt utterly gross!!!! Yes it tastes nice, of course it does but I'd much rather feel confident and happy. My weight is a massive thing for me, it effects my mood, how nice I am, I like to be in control of what I eat. When I eat rubbish, I feel rubbish!! If I eat well, I feel well! It's a way of life for me and always will be. It's scary how quickly you can re gain weight, everything starts to feel tighter and you have less energy.It's made me mega focused now though!! I don't dwell on a gain, or feel horrendous guilt. I choose to move on look forward and get excited about how much I can lose this week. So the mission is on!!!!!If you've never been to Barcelona I highly recommend it!!! Although how annoying are those flipping hair dryers in hotels, you know the ones where you have to keep your finger down on the button for it to work!! Also bidet's, what are they all about!?! Ha ha.Happy Fopping guys xx