Body magic!!

Well my Sunday was very different to how I used to spend my Sundays!! Normally I'd wake up, false lashes still on, sometimes clothes still on lol. My first thoughts were, oh my god what did I drink last night!! Then the entire day would consist of eating, TV, Facebook, then repeat until bed time!!Today I bounced out of bed at 7.45am, had a big breakie of smoked salmon, scan bran, scrambled egg and sautéed veg. Threw some gym clothes on and drove to draycote waters. We co ordinated a sw race for life event today. Members from all different groups met up and did a five mile run/walk. That's quite bloody far, especially if you're out of practice!! I do lots of gym classes but outdoor running is so much harder!!!! I really enjoyed it though, it was so lovely seeing everyone. We need to work out what we raised and how much weight we'd lost between us. One amazing couple have lost now 19 stone between them!! Just wonderful.After we completed it I headed to the nearest subway, I was starving!! Syn free turkey salad for me, came home and used some balsamic vinegar to keep it syn free. I love love love subway salads!!! My bf had a meat club and crisp's ha ha, he'd earned it though, so I'll let him off ;-)Then after a five minute break I was busy again moving more stuff from my old house!! Fridges, dressers, office stuff, flipping hard work!! Three tip runs later and I'm done! Queue a big bowl of fruit, fat free Total Greek 0% yogurt and some choc shot. Heaven!!!! I had one large glass of wine last night and one small one then went on to tea!! How my life has changed!!!! I'd best make up for this grown up adult behaviour soon!!!!Having withdrawals today as no shopping!! Might have to have a quick peek online now!! Have a lovely Sunday all.Happy Fopping xxx