Diet = Dare I Eat That? SW = Yes You Can!

Have you ever tried to add up all the money and hours wasted of your life on faddy diets?? Years and probably hundreds, if not thousands of £'s? Now imagine that when you first started if you'd just of eaten healthy and exercised. Even if you lost a 1lb a week you'd still be nearly 4 stone lighter in a year!! Diets tend to make you yo yo, so you actually end up where you started. If you're feeling anything like me right now, you desperately want to get rid of those Xmas lbs already!! You'd do anything! New year brings out millions of crazy diet plans!! Slimming teas, shakes, cabbage soup diets, the cayenne pepper diet and so on! You see them everywhere and they tend to cost a fortune!! I tried every diet going before finding Slimming World, the worst being the cabbage soup pills or herbal life!!! They all cost money and they were all a waste of time!! I'd lose weight as I was eating nothing but soup, fruit and then finally a chicken breast on the last day, well of course that would make you drop a few lbs. My brother actually tried to take some of my chicken when it was cooked, I was that starving by then I went to stab his hand with my fork lol!!! Guess what I did after they finished though?!?! Eat for England!!!! I actually got really ill on the shakes and swore I'd never do anything like that ever again!! It was totally and utterly pointless!! There are some plans out there that I don't like to judge, as my friends work for them and it's not just weight loss products that they sell, each to their own and I think it's about doing what works for you. I'd just like people to think about doing it in a healthy safe way that won't cost too much.Having lost three stone in three months eating healthy filling foods and maintaining it for over ten years, means I can say with experience, please don't waste your time and money on the crazy fads. I understand why people would want to do it, I did for years!! But did I get anywhere?!? Nope!!! The worst side effect is the damage it does to you mentally. Diets can really mess with your head and your whole world suddenly revolves it. They do not make you happy! They do the opposite, you become miserable!! How do you have a social life on 500 calories a day?!? Extreme calorie-cutting forces your body to burn muscle for fuel instead of fat, and having less muscle mass actually slows your metabolism. Healthy eating combined with exercise, or as we call it, body magic, is actually the only secret magic weight loss solution that exists! If you look back at cavemen and women they were on the whole very slim and lean, did they have shakes, pills, lotions and potions?!? No, they just eat real healthy foods. That's why I'm so passionate about Slimming World. It's not a temporary quick fix, it's a lifestyle change. It teaches you to find new grooves and not only lose weight, but keep it off. It doesn't mess with your head as you can eat until your full, never ever having to feel deprived. You also get a hell of a lot for your weekly fee, I'd like to think my lovely lot think it's worth the price of a Starbucks coffee and a magazine :-) Let's keep fuelling our bodies, not punishing it. Let's eat ourselves slim and be the happy healthy people we want to be. The good news is you can actually still lose weight quickly, especially with our new method based on lots of lovely protein and speed foods. This is currently being shared with groups as we speak. It's amazing!!!!! I can't wait to give my members their packs next week!!!Diets can also be very lonely. Having a group for support and a highly trained consultant makes the world of difference, you're never ever on your own. Plus it becomes a social circle for you, you'll make loads of friends trying to achieve the exact same thing you. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Sometimes we all know what to eat, it's more about getting our head in gear and making life style changes, this takes help. We've formed these grooves and habits over a very long period of time, sometimes since early child hood, no amount of milk shakes or magic pills will change this trust me. We've also got to think of the impact of all these fads on the next generation. It's quite scary to think lots of young girls, or even boys follow celebrities on Instagram or other social media outlets, who are constantly being paid to promote really faddy diets that they've probably never even tried or ever even researched. I've got more respect for the ones that do it through personal trainers and eating healthy foods like Davina. The ones that did it through extreme dieting have re gained a lot of it!! Look at Sonya in Eastenders, so sad.So this is just my opinion based on a girl who has probably been on a diet since I was 15 until I found Slimming World, you only have to look at our success stories to know it works. 26 1/2 stone lost being one of them! I don't think you'd lose that on cabbage soup pills and keep it off! Save your pennies for new clothes when you get to your dream weight :-)Happy Fopping xxx