Don't let the weekend be your weak end x

After a long and hard week at work we all want to enjoy our weekends. Whether you love spending time with your friends having coffee, or you spend the day shopping like me, or you enjoy days out with your family, or date nights with your other halves or of course going out partying or staying in with a DVD and a take away!!! This doesn't have to stop just because you're on a weight loss plan. The best thing about Slimming World is that nothing is banned and you can enjoy your weekends, of course we may have to make some changes and find new grooves but we can still easily enjoy ourselves.Slimming world recommend these strategies to help :-ShoppingSpending Saturday in town can be a real minefield for us slimmers. Surrounded by fast food joints and needing something quick and hassle-free can mean that we sometimes scupper our slimming campaign faster than a shopaholic or a fopperholic lol in a shoe sale! If shopping is one of your danger areas, take along some of our tips next time you’re in town...Don’t walk past the jacket potato van, pause to have a look at the menu. Choose a huge jacket with baked beans or tuna, without butter and the whole thing is completely Free! For a ready-made snack on the go, Marks & Spencer or Boots often have healthier options. Go for salad pots (without dressing or croutons to make it low-Syn), sushi packs, or sandwiches made from wholemeal bread. (Deduct 6 Syns from the sandwich by taking the bread as your Healthy Extra ‘b’ choice). Free fillings like ham, chicken or tuna without the mayonnaise will keep the Syns low. If you’ve got time before your shopping trip take a look on Syns Online for the healthiest snack options so you’ll be prepared when hunger strikes! Fast Food doesn’t have to be high in Syns. If you’re dragged into a burger bar (kicking and screaming – we know!) relinquish your Burger King Whopper (32½ Syns) for Char-grilled Chicken Salad with no dressing (Free) or an LA Garden Salad with no dressing (Free). Swap your McDonald’s Big Mac (24½ Syns) for a Grilled Chicken & Bacon Salad (1½ Syns). I always head to subway!! You cannot beat their salads or I buy cooked roast chicken minus the skin and loads of fruit from M & S.Going out with friends for foodIf you're going to a pub or restaurant for a meal, it can be helpful to ring ahead (or go online) for a copy of the menu – choosing Food Optimising-friendly options in advance can make it easier to resist temptation. Decide whether you’re going to stick to Food Optimising as usual, making the most of Free Food options or whether you’re going to have a flexible Syns day (working out an upper limit on your Syn allowance for this). Don't let the restaurant scupper your slimming. Ask for vegetables without butter and sauces on the side. That way you're in control - not the chef! Eating lots of Free Food during the day and saving your daily Healthy Extras and Syns for the meal could open up many more choices from the menu.Many restaurants or pubs will serve a main course with a choice of potatoes - chips, new potatoes, mash or jacket. If they don't ask you which you want, let them know... the customer is always right! I always look at the menus before i go out. I love Indian food as it's so easy to keep the syns low with a dansak and boiled rice or a rogan josh. I always ask for a side salad too. Or I have gammon, jacket potatoe and salad if it's just pub grub.Going out with friends for drinksAdd soda water to your wine or spirits to make a long spritzer. Drink fizzy mineral water or a carbonated diet drink between glasses of alcohol - these generally take longer to drink than still drinks, and they're also more filling! A slimmer's best bet is a single shot of spirit (35ml measure) with a low calorie mixer, eg gin and Slimline tonic (4 Syns) or Bacardi and Diet Coke (3½ Syns). Other good choices include dry white wine spritzer with sparkling water (4 Syns for 125ml wine) or Tia Maria on ice (4½ Syns per 35ml). I swooped larger to spirits when I joined many years ago. I had vodka, fresh lime and soda.Staying in: entertaining at homeStaying in is the new going out and if you're planning a dinner party there's millions of recipes you can do. Your friends won't know you (and they!) are slimming! I think the new fakeaway book is amazing!!!!!! I've dine curries, Chinese, fish and chips and tons more. I'd never ever feel the need to have a take away now!!! If you do fancy one though there's the eating out guide online or in your books, this will help you to make good choices.Staying in: Sunday dinnerWhether or not it’s a Sunday, the roast dinner was made for Food Optimisers – it’s packed with loads of lovely Free Food, and even with all the trimmings, it's easy to enjoy for just a few Syns! (So you've got plenty left for a glass of wine to go with it!)The Extra Easy Sunday roast (4 Syns each)Fill your plate with loads of lean roast beef/pork/chicken/turkey/salmon/Quorn fillet… the choice is yours! Pile on the broccoli, carrots, green beans and any other Free vegetable that you fancy. Add boiled, mashed and/or dry roast potatoes and parsnips. 1 small Yorkshire pud counts as 3 Syns. 4 tbsp gravy (no added fat) counts as 1 Syn.So sometimes we know all this and we still go off track! Do you ever get that Friday feeling?!?! Not Fryday feeling lol. It's literally like as soon as the clock strikes 5.30pm your like whooooo hooooooooo let's go mad ha ha. A lot of the time this is simply a habit or a routine. It won't take long to break if you try. Most of us can get through till Friday with ease, then as soon as the weekend lands your willpower or choice power goes out the window. Somehow you begin downing the wine or eating pizza then struggling or even cancelling any gym classes the next morning. Sound familiar? We've all been there! Guess what though, the weekend happens every single week so let's crack this.During the week, we tend to plan ahead and have a set routine. We get up, eat breakfast, head to work, eat planned snacks during our breaks, enjoy lunch at the same scheduled time each day, and find ways to squeeze in a little exercise. Many of us even pack a whole day's worth of food and do pretty well at making healthy decisions day to day.During the weekend, it might seem that all bets are off. Without a set schedule (and more opportunities for temptation) one weekend can easily undo a whole week of healthy habits. But weekends don't have to be this way. In fact, weekends are a great time to practice healthy behaviours because you usually have more time to do so. So, how do you change your unhealthy weekend habits? Hers my top tips:-1. Get some exercise. We usually have more free time to do more body magic. Go our for a walk, run, swim whatever you enjoy.2. Eat as you usually would or plan in some nice breakfasts that will set you up for the day, you might not usually get time to do this. Magic pancakes, a full English?!?3. Try to stay in control with drinking. This I still struggle with!! Just remember that the syns in drinks can add up quickly if you're not careful. If you wouldn't binge drink during the week, try not to at the weekend. It's not just alcohol, remember coffee shop syns can quickly add up too!8. Break the on plan, off plan diet mentality. If you have a history in yo-yo dieting, make sure that you're not alternating between being "good" and "bad" throughout the course of a week. View the weekend as time for you—not a time to rebel or "cheat" on your diet and exercise plan. Remember that being at a healthy weight is about sustainable healthy lifestyle changes, not just a diet and exercise plan that you can maintain Monday through Friday. Revisit your goals and recommit to making healthy and realistic choices every day that set you up for success in the long term.10. Plan for the week ahead. Planning is so important. Plan your weekends, also use the spare time to plan for your week ahead, when can you exercise, when do you want to your weekly shop, plan meals etc.....Whatever you're up to this weekend, Happy Fopping. Xx