Dream, believe, achieve

The mind is a very powerful tool. I really love the famous quote that anything that the mind can conceive can be achieved. Success lies in the positive thinking that there is nothing that can’t be done.Ok so obviously there are limits to this quotes. I can't keep visualising having supermodel legs and boom one day I wake up with them. However there is a lot of truth in this. I remember a PT session I had. My trainer, S, could see I was getting tired and I'd lost the belief I could lift this heavy set of weights he was torturing me with. He kept saying I could do it, he then placed his hands on the weights to help make it easier for me and I smashed out another set with ease!! Afterwards he confessed he wasn't even holding it lol, just lightly touching it!! He'd encouraged me with words then actions too, all I needed was to believe I could do it and I did.Failure and success are both figments of the mind, choose to succeed. Choose never to fail at anything again, keep trying even after a bad day and you'll get there.We need to not settle for just average to be successful. This is why in sw groups we encourage our members to reach for the moon, even if you don't get there you'll still land amongst the stars. This just means by aiming high, say 4lb in a week you're a lot more likely to stay on plan and say no to things occasionally. By just setting say a 1lb or even just a loss means things can easily creep in as you think, oh well I only want a lb. A lb is good but 2, 3, 4lbs or more is even better and it means you'll get there faster!To keep a positive mind you need to surround yourself with positive people. If they are negative thinkers they can drag you down. We're all allowed to have bad days or down days, that's life. If they are constantly trying to throw you off track though or aren't supportive with your weight loss journey are they true friends?!? This is why we encourage the group experience through image therapy. Where can you get an entire room of people who are all trying to achieve the same as you? This is also why we try and keep image therapy really positive, ie no long confessions of syns or letting anyone leave feeling low. We want to make sure you all leave feeling totally inspired and set up for an amazing week!Some studies have demonstrated that there's a free drug that can help treat many disorders with no side effects: our minds. It's quite mind blowing how much our subconscious thoughts can massively impact how we feel physically. How we think can massively effect if we are successful with losing weight nor not.When food is used for an outer solution for an inner needs you will never be satisfied. Yes food can fill us up but they can't fulfil us. Our body is a reflection of our thoughts, feelings, attitudes and beliefs. The good news is that you CAN change, every day is a new opportunity to change yourself.You can overcome negative thoughts and limiting beliefs by using the power of the mind. And believe it or not, you can shift any negative attitudes and beliefs. How? By learning to use the mind-body connection and your powers of the mind you can change your body.I read a fab article by Alex Ragner, BrainyWeightLoss.com. It really makes sense."Mindful eating and healthy lifestyle choices born from positive attitudes, high self esteem and self confidence, are not only required to achieve your perfect weight; they lead you to optimum health, great vitality and happiness. You start to use food to fuel and nourish your body, rather than use it as a reward, a bribe or to temporarily numb (medicate) unpleasant feelings."Have you ever said any if these things to yourself?"No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back""I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good""I don't have time to exercise, I am too tired to work out""I feel guilty when I eat fattening foods""I will take time for myself only after taking care of everyone else"If you think (or say these negative-thinking phrases, even only to yourself), you should know that this could be the reason you might be struggling to lose weight.Believe it or not, they are self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs you (subconsciously) can stop yourself from being successful.Try to swop these negative thoughts with positive :-)"No matter what diet I try, each time I gain all my weight back"Turn it around to something like:"I eat a healthy diet and easily stay at my ideal weight"Or:"I often crave sweets or fatty foods, they make me feel good"Turn it around to:"I often eat fresh fruits as they make me feel so good!"In the same way,"I don't have time to exercise, I am too tired to work out"Becomes:"I always make time to exercise, it energizes me whenever I’m tired"And so on - you get the gist of turning limiting beliefs into empowering positive thinking phrases, right?Whenever you catch yourself using limiting beliefs, STOP.Switch to positive self talk immediately; this way, you change your current reality into a new one, where your body is able to release all extra weight easily, without resistance or frustration.Remember, when you expand your beliefs and use affirmative MindScripts™ you instruct your subconscious to shift your reality from how IT IS right now, to how you WANT it to be. As a result, you progress faster towards your weight goal and become able to keep your ideal weight with no deprivation or struggle.You should know that using positive thinking phrases in this way is a big part of what self hypnosis for weight loss does through the hypnotic scripts. With these, you gradually change your thoughts and feelings about your body, your eating and exercising habits.This way, your current reality starts to be shaped by your new belief of what’s possible for you.Believe it or not, when this belief becomes an unshaken certainty for you, things begin to happen - seemingly out of thin air: you start to enjoy healthier foods, stop experiencing food cravings, become active and full of energy. You learn to release stress, get adequate rest and take better care of your body.Before long, all these habits become automatic - they become your NEW REALITY!So guys what's is to be?!? Negative knickers or positive pants?!? Up to you.Happy Fopping xxxx