Fit, or fit to burst?

Do you ever eat huge portions just because you can? Do you get to that stage where you have to undo your jeans as you're so full? Do you eat when bored as opposed to actually hungry? I'm yes to all of the above!!I love love love slimming world for lots of reasons. The no.1 reason is you never ever need to go hungry! Free foods and superfree are unlimited, no going to bed when you've run out of options. We can just reach for more!!However, we do say eat until you're satisfied and everything in moderation. I push this to the limits sometimes. I could easily sit and eat 10 muller lights, yes really!! However will this help me get back to target? Probably not. Granted it's better than eating tons of chocolate, but is wouldn't do that as it syns. Because some thing is free or superfree, sometimes I go crazy!! I've always eaten large portions, it worked for me. I stayed full so didn't reach for high syn things all the time. However now I've got less to lose I do feel this is something I need to look at.The problem with me is if it's there I will eat and eat and eat. I can't stop once I'm full if there's leftover food!! Maybe it's how we were bought up? Not being allowed to leave the table until you've eaten all your dinner? Or not being allowed a dessert unless we've eaten that last pea ha ha. So even if we were fit to burst we'd clear the plate for some arctic roll. Funny how your sweet side was never full hey?!? My sister might kill me telling you this, but she'd even hide food in her pockets so she could go out! Or sling her sandwiches down the alley way on the way home from school ha ha. My mom wasn't majorly strict, they just love us and want us to be healthy and not wasteful. After all there's starving children in Africa you know!All you can eats are my worst nightmare!! Would you take an alcoholic to a pub?? Exactly! Put me in front of a buffet such as Taybarns and within minutes I've got balanced on one plate, Chinese, Indian, pizza, a roast dinner and fish and chips lol!! When on earth would you ever combine all these delights on one plate?? They aren't even delightful, they are usually cheap processed rubbish! Then once that's gone, off we go again! Then if you're feeling really brave and have a quick look round to check no ones watching you, you run up again!! You feel fit to burst yet hang on, we've not had a dessert yet!! You can't possibly decide between the cheesecake, chocolate cake, ice cream, apple pie or rhubarb crumble, so you have a bit of everything just to taste it!! Then the token fruit goes on the side so it makes us feel a bit better. Top that with unlimited soft drinks and a self inflicted food coma occurs!!If I make loads of dinner with the intention of saving some, do you think that happens?!? Leftovers, what are they????So you see this is something I'm being mindful of this week. I'm trying to not cook too much food, I'm going to try and stop when I'm full, I'm going to drink more fluids and I'm going to not eat for the sake of it, either through boredom or because I can, it's free you know!! I'll never ever go hungry or slip in to diet mode as that doesn't work, I just want to ensure I'm not self sabotaging. I'll always keep fill my plate still though with lots of superfree. When you've got less to lose this can be something to look at. I've done other plans such as fast forward. I know I can be satisfied with less food and not go hungry. I can very quickly though get back in to negative grooves. So if my meals look a little smaller than normal, or they are on a smaller plate ie my heart plates, this is why. It's just something I'm trying.Remember though free is free, they are unlimited so please never ever deprive yourself. It's just food for thought.Happy Fopping xxx