Food and beauty products haul (plus a recipe or two!)

SimagePizza topped omelette Snickers porridge imageimageSo I realised I'm doing more of the food posts than beauty and fashion, I guess food is my first love!! No surprise there!!! Before I go on to make up etc I want to share some quick food talk. I've really enjoyed experimenting with new and old recipes this week. The first pic is last nights amazing dinner!!! I used to do this recipe years ago but then just forgot about it!Spicy chicken & bacon pasta:- Here's the how...Fry off the chicken and bacon, all fat removed, I prefer smoked. Then add chopped onions, mushrooms and a red pepper.Add garlic and passatta, then add a teaspoon of cayenne pepper (or more if you like it hot!) Then stir in some cooked Wholemeal pasta. Serve with a large salad for your superfree and if you'd like to syn some cheese or have it as your HEA grate that on top. AmazeLunch today was a beautiful pizza topped omelette. You can choose whatever toppings you want but I had bacon, onions and tomatoes. Then sprinkled on oregano and basil and added half of my a choice of cheese. Fry the bottom in fry light and grill the top. Serve with a large salad. Yum!!!!Working backwards, breakfast was lush!!! Snickers porridge, all for 1/2 syn. Use you HEB of oats and stir in a teaspoon of cocoa powder and add some peanut essence. I also have mine with added superfree fruit.The other food pic is an aldi haul. These are my favourite syn free products. I adore aldi as it's so cheap and they do some fab sw friendly stuff, however I really hate the pressure to not pack at the till and just fling your items in the trolley lol. Also remembering the flipping £1 for the trolley!! Annoying! However it's worth it for these fab things. Frozen fruit is just brilliant!! If I ever run out of fresh I've got that as a back up. Or it's great for taking to work as by lunch time it's defrosted and stayed cool. The Greek yogurts are really nice too. Muller Greek are 1/2 syn and way more expensive. They do coconut and vanilla, lemon and strawberry. All lovely!!! Then finally my star buy!!! The salmon fillets, Thai and chilli and lime. Syn free and microwaveable. I thought they'd taste like fishy rubber, but no, they are gorgeous!!!! Done in 3 minutes then just whack it in to a stir fry, job done and quicker than a take away ;-)So enough about food, although I can talk all day about it!!!! The final pic is a mixture of trusty old favourite beauty products and new finds I'm in love with.Bastie dry shampoo is a total life saver!!! If your hair ever needs a quick pick me up, or you need to cover your roots, a quick squirt of this and your sorted! I adore this one as it smells like a piña colada.  The second hair product I love love love and couldn't be without is Osis dust it powder. My gorgeous Swedish friends M and B introduced me to this years ago. I've been hooked ever since. I hate my hair flat, you know that straight stuck to your head Adams family look, so not me, I like big hair!!! However I'm too impatient to sit there back combing it for ages or blow drying it with a round brush blah blah blah. Tip some of this out on to your roots, mess it up a bit and boom big hair!!! I've tried every other single brand going and none come close to this. It does make your hair feel a bit tacky but it's worth it. I get mine from amazon.Then we've got the best mascara I've ever used. Loreal volume million lashes mascara. I really like Lancôme and Benefit mascaras but a few coats of this and you look like a cow, (that's not a typo, cows have very long eyelashes!).The next product is a new find and OMG IT IS THE BEST EYE LASH PRODUCT IVE EVER EVER USED!!!! I met this lady once and I thought she had semi permanent lashes on. I'd recently had them done and to my absolute horror they pulled out all of my eyelashes, I was literally left with about two single stumps on each eye!!!! She explained she used to sell this wonder product, (she's a beautician) and raved about it.  I went straight home and ordered it!! I used it every night and within a few weeks I had the longest lashes I've ever had!!!! I don't even wear false lashes any more when I go out. So what's this wonder miracle product?!? It's called Revitalash, I got it from amazon. It's not cheap, but trust me it's sooooooooooooooo worth it!!!!!Next are my two new perfume purchases from harrods in London. Cavern is a French brand of perfume and they had just bought this out. It's stunning. A day perfume I'd say, it's so fresh, I love it. The second one is Tom ford black orchid. This is a much stronger distinctive perfume, again I love it!!!!!I also recently bought this naked eye palette. The colours are just fantastic!! If you like browns and nudes this is for you!!! I'll use it forever!!!With foundations I'm usually a mac girl or Estée Lauder. I use double wear but I do find it's a tiny bit too thick. I bought this double wear light and it's perfect!!!!!!!! I'm totally and utterly hooked!!! A lovely girl I met on holiday, J, works in a department store and she said she had tried every foundation going and this was her favourite. I can now see why and I agree!!! Scouse girls always know their make up!!!Last but not least bronzers. I used to always use a Loreal one, but the case is rubbish and it always breaks in my handbag and gets make up everywhere!!! I tried this bourjois maxi one instead and it's fab!!! It gives you a real beach summer glow. I also bought this benefit hoola bronzer and I really like this too!! It's more expensive but it does come with a brush and a mirror inside. The brush does malt though, which is really annoying!!!! It's more of matte bronzer if you prefer that look.Right that's me done for the night. Off to see what I can create for dinner!!! Happy Fopping xxxx