Fuel as opposed to treats?!

How do you view food and drink?!? When I was at my heaviest I always viewed food as a treat, I realise now this was ones of the reasons I got to a size 16. I know to some people that might not sound like a big size, but to me it made me feel like a different person. I was miserable. If I had a bad day, if I was upset, if I was happy and wanted to celebrate, if someone annoyed me, if my boss was horrible to me, if I lost weight and so on, I'd always always treat myself with food or drink or both!!!It got to the stage though when it wasn't a treat anymore, a treat is something you reward yourself with when you've done something to deserve it. It's occasional, not most days. So if you look at this in black and white, I'd reward myself with the one thing that was making me miserable. Where's the sense in that?!?!I'm completely different now. Food wise I wouldn't choose to "treat myself" on a massive pizza and ice cream or a huge high syn greasy Chinese all you eat. I wouldn't dream of eating an entire Sarah lee chocolate cake or a whole bag of doughnuts. I would never ever judge anyone else who does but that's just not me anymore. After I found slimming world I made changes, lifestyle changes. I had to. People do say to me, oh treat yourself, just have chips!! But to me that's not a treat anymore, I can make much nicer ones syn free! Some people do find it hard to understand that if I'm on holiday I don't want to eat and drink everything in sight, just because I'm on holiday. I enjoy healthy food, I enjoy feeling healthy. I love fruit, I love veg, I love meat, sweet potato, fish....... If I followed some sort of strict diet I'm sure I'd be totally different, but I don't. Since starting my blog and fb page people seemed shocked at what you can actually eat. A treat to me is one of my fav sw meals such as fillet steak, a low syn sauce and sw chips or lamb dansak and rice with spinach. Amazing!! There's millions of gorgeous meals at our finger tips, the new fakeaway book is just fanbloodytastic!!!!!! Fish and chips, kebabs, curries, Chinese, sw KFC and so many more healthy versions of your favourite takeaways.If I feel I need a treat you all know what I do, I shop!! It might be a nail varnish, a new dress, some perfume or a lipstick. It doesn't matter, the key point is I'm not rewarding myself with something that in fact is really a punishment to me. We've got syns, we can have chocolate, we can crips, nothing is banned, another reason why I love sw!! We can eat out, we can have a low syn takeaway. I don't treat nights or syn laden meals out to enjoy myself. Another nice reward in my opinion is a pamper session, maybe a massage, a facial or a manicure. Something that makes you feel good, a tub of Ice cream never made me feel very good.Now I'm no angel, I do like a drink. I did give up when I lost my three stone in three months or just had an occasional vodka and diet coke, but for me this is a lifestyle change and I choose to use my syns now for vodka or a glass of wine. It wasn't realistic for me never ever to drink again, I enjoy it so why shouldn't I. The difference is now I'm in control, I enjoy it but I try not to go too mad anymore.The best way to view food is as fuel, not as a treat or for comfort, but for exactly what it is, fuel for your body. If we fill our cars right they motor along very nicely. If we start to neglect them or put the wrong fuel in, they break down! We don't want any of you doing that do we!! Once you change your relationship with food and find your new groove, you'll see things start to change. You find low syn or free alternatives to your favourite meals, you don't crave things you used to, mentally and physically you begin to feel better. Off you go down that motorway to target, passing everyone else who may of broken down sat in lay-bys, waiting to be rescued. The thing is, no one can truly rescue you, apart from you. You're in the driving seat, you make the choices of which roads to take, how fast or slow you go, you repair any damage that may of stopped you in the past, you put the right fuel in, you plan and prepare your routes to get from a to b. You may have someone sat next to you in the passengers seat, eg your consultant or a family member/friend guided you, but you have to take the wheel.So is your pedal to the metal or are you heading for a total breakdown?!? Off to the scrap heap? The choice is yours. I choose other treats, I try and fuel my body right and I'm planning on staying on that motorway to target. Who's with me?!? Come along for the ride.In other news It's the forth day in our new house and things are coming along nicely. I'm so happy here. There's still tons to do but we're getting there. I found some right bargains today in a shop called store twenty one at home. Will be going back there!! I also picked up some of my fav beauty essentials. My new dressing table is so beautiful, I love it!!!! Ummmm what next to buy!?! Then home for a lovely pizza omelette, salad and corn on the cob.Have a fab day and Happy Fopping xx