Glam glow face mask

Hi all. So I've always loved a face mask! My love for them started when I was little, I'd steal/borrow my moms Avon ones. Do you remember them? They were a fruit based really thin clear mask, you had to literally meal it off after?! God knows if they actually did anything!! I then progressed to lush ones, which were fab, but dried up in the pots really quickly. I then tried all sorts of high street brands, all ok but not amazing. I then moved to dermalogica masks, again these were nice, but not amazing. I never really noticed any difference?!I read about glam glow mask in a magazine, it's an award winning mask and loved by celebs, well of course this meant I had to try it!! I did some research as it's not cheap! I liked what I read so I ordered it, I actually got it a bit cheaper from eBay. Always make sure it's a genuine, sealed and brand new product when buying off eBay. I've got some of my magic hair dust I love before from eBay, er it was actually talc!! Cheeky b*****s. I've also bought perfume before which actually smelt like that perfume you made as a kid, you know the one with rose petals and water! Never again. This was a genuine seller with loads of positive feedback.So it arrived and I got very excited! I applied a thin layer and sat for 10 minutes. The mask tingles slightly, be careful as it is quite grainy, you don't want it in your eye! It started to dry and I looked like I'd just done a bootcamp! You scrub it slightly for an exfoliating effect and rinse off with warm water. My skin felt so smooth and my make up looked fab after!! Finally a face mask that actually makes a difference!! It'll last ages too, so I'm my opinion it's worth the money.Here's the official info on it:-This performance driven super mask is an absolute must for those who seek the highest quality ingredients and exceptional results, even if you have never used a mask before – YOUTHMUD is unique. It doesn't just take care of one skin concern, it delivers everything you need for great skin, whatever your skin type.YOUTHMUD delivers both instant and cumulative results and leaves your complexion revived and glowing for 3 days after each application. With its heritage in Hollywood film studios, YOUTHMUD has flown off the shelves stateside and is now available in the UK.There’s nothing YOUTHMUD doesn't do – feel the tingle as it works its magic on your skin:Skin Collagen Synthesis for a noticeable 3 day glow.Brighter, radiant skin in minutes.Leaves skin noticeably soft and smooth.Multi-level resurfacing exfoliation.Penetrates into the deepest layers of the skin to soften fine lines and wrinkles.Tightens, tones and lifts the skin.Relieves dark circles and minimises pores.Absorbs impurities without removing natural oils.Helps protect against everyday environmental aggressors.Suitable for all skin types, all ages and for both women and men.Contains no artificial colours or fragrances.100% paraben-free, cruelty-free, and suitable for vegans.#BestFaceMaskSo there you go, now please no laughing at my photos!! I hadn't got dressed or even brushed my hair lol. I promise I didn't look like a swamp monster all day!!Happy Fopping all xx