Gorge weekend fakeaway

Hi there!! I just wanted to quickly share this amazing curry recipe with you. I was at a wedding yesterday, so I had to use flexible syns. I was in control though and didn't go bad. I passed on dessert and ate lots of veg with my main. No bread and just one glass of wine. I then went on to gin and slim and vodka lime and soda.Cooked breakfast, passed on the sausages just had the bacon with the fat removed, scrambled egg, mushroom and tomatoes. Did a big asda shop on the way home so I'm all sorted for the week :-)Have a fab evening, I'm so sad, I'm actually excited to watch X factor!! Rock and roll hey!!! Living the dream. Happy Fopping xxRuby meat curry.2-3 tbsp tandoori masalla1tbsp garam masallaPinch of salt1tsp chilli flakes.Put all ingredients into a large bowl add enough water to make a paste.Add meat of choice and marinade for at least one hour or longer if you can. (I used chicken)Deseed 2 green peppers chop and fry off with a whole clove of garlic. Then fry the chicken for 10 min gently spraying as you go.Keep cooking until cooked through.It's lovely with this sauce too.Mint sauceIn a bowl add 2tbsp mint sauce (1syn per tablespoon if not the no added sugar variety), salt to taste, 1tsp garam masalla, 1 finely sliced, onion, diced cucumber to fat free natural yogurt. Add chilli flakes if you wish to.You can also do a matching rice, I had plain brown rice tonight.Ruby riceSpray sauce pan with fry light add rice and 1tbsp tandoori powder, fry for a min until powder taken by the rice. Pour boiling water over from kettle and cook until fluffy.*Tip, turn gas off just before rice cooked cover and let the rice finish cooking without heat.Serve