Hair straighter review of cheap vs expensive ish

Hey guys. Quick hair straighter review as requested.A few days ago a girls worst nightmare happened to me!! My ghds broke!!!!! Queue a mad panic, I'd have to go out looking like a bush pig lol, or a total frizzy mess like Monica in friends, you know the one where they were on holiday and she had to have braids ha ha as the humidity ruined her hair. Got to love friends!!!! At uni once I even ironed my hair!!!Anyway I posted my distress signal on fb and a lovely friend recommended some Remington straighteners at a fraction of the price of ghds. I adore my ghds as I curl with my hair with them too, they heat up fast and do the job. I really wanted another pair but at £85-£120 a piece I thought I'd try the Remington ones, if I didn't like them at least they'd be a back up if this disaster happened again.I got them from Argos, £34.99!!!! Surely they can't be any good at that price? I read the reviews and they were all amazing!! I opened them up and was pleasantly surprised, not only with how they looked but the temperature settings and the free heat protector matt for them!! Ghds don't do that. They straightened my hair perfectly!!!!!!! The only thing I'd say is that it was a bit too perfect if that makes sense?!? My hair did look a bit flat, they are really wide compared to ghds so were faster to use which was a bonus. If you like polka straight hair you will love them!!! As I like to curl my hair with mine too I decided to dial daddy 999 and see if they could be fixed.My dad was horrified at the state of my lead on the ghds ha ha, whoops!!! He took them to work and everyone laughed and said they were the worst they'd ever seen!! He's a designer electriciton, he doesn't work with a load of men that straighten their hair lol!!! He ordered a new cable for them and boom, as good as new!!! The lead was only £9.99, I would of thrown them away!! There's even a you tube video to show you how to do it yourself.So overall I still need my ghds however the Remingtons are a flipping close 2nd and a total bargain!!!The full name is Remington Sleek and Smooth Wide Plates Hair Straightener.Happy Fopping xxxx