It's important to make yourself important

How many hours a day do we spend worrying and looking after everybody else? I've been the girl who has felt like the ugly fat friend, who was miserable and hated the way she looked. I used to cry for hours when trying on outfits for a night out. I'd spend the entire night feeling really uncomfortable and using anything as a prop to cover myself up lol, pillows came in handy or my trusty long black coat!! I'd squeeze myself into my size 16 trousers, paint on a smile and pretend to have fun. It took about 10 bottles of wkd to finally forget how gross I felt!!Thanks to slimming world I got down to a size 10, sometimes an 8 if they are generous and I breathe in!! I finally could dress how I wanted to, have my hair how I wanted to and at least feel a bit more comfortable in my own skin. If any of my close friends are reading this they're probably laughing, as I'm still really self conscious!!!! I'm always asking them if I look ok or if my bum looks too big!! I guess I come across pretty confident and I am in my abilities but I don't think I ever will be with how I look. If you've ever had a weight problem you will know that you can't always see what others see, you still see the big unhappy girl you once were. Strange!! I've had bitchy comments off girls on nights out, such as she loves herself! Er no I don't, if only you knew how much I actually used to hate myself, you shouldn't judge people! Just because someone looks good on the outside doesn't mean they are beautiful inside anyway!Anyway my trail of thought is that it's important to look after yourself, treat yourself and do whatever makes you happy. I totally get that non material things are more important, I adore my family, boyfriend and friends, but........ Clothes, make up and hair are still important to me! If I look like awful, I feel awful! Feeling good is really important to me after spending probably the majority of my life feeling rubbish! I had a great day catching up with some of my team, I had a fab meeting, then In between work I got my hair done. I've gone back to being more blonde and I love it!! It's amazing how much your hair can effect your mood!! I'm working all weekend and worked last Weekend too, so it had to be today, that's the beauty of being a sw manager and consultant, you work from home so your hours are flexible. Another reason why I love my job so much!!I had an amazing breakfast, smoked salmon omelette, with sautéed veg, peppers, onions and mushrooms with tomatoes. Lunch was a good old fashioned jacket potato, beans and cheese! I did it sw stylie, so I had a sweet potato, baked beans, part of my HEA on light cheese and a big salad for my superfree. I always have balsamic vinegar on my salads, I love it!!! Then dessert, OMG WOW!!! A taste sensation!!! I layered strawberries, chopped banana with a Greek fat free coconut and vanilla yogurt. I then topped it with stevia, cinnamon sprinkles and a chopped up rocky road hi fi light bar. All syn free as my hi fi was my HEB! This is such a fantastic plan isn't it!!!!Dinner I'm thinking fish and chips!! Again sw stylie. But I haven't fully decided yet! I've got more work later, so I best go!!! Oh before I do I bought the new no.7 protect and perfect creams today, the day cream and night, then also the serum. It's on three for two, so not bad. I usually use clarins, so I'm not sure if this will compare, but I'm a sucker for marketing and that advert where the women have their blindfolds lifted and then they gasp at their own reflections sold it to me ha ha. I best wake up and look 21 or else!!Happy Fopping all xx