I've got 99 problems but scan bran isn't one

imageimage image imageimageScan branI actually really like scan bran! I have it with scrambled eggs, smoked salmon and sautéed veg. I also love all the different cakes. Love it or hate it, it's a great source of fibre and keeps you full for hours and hours!!!!!!!! Theres so much you can do with it, from cakes to savoury snacks. If your weight loss needs a boost, this could be what you're missing. Available in all slimming world groups. The cake in the first pic and the college pic was inspired by my very good friend J. It's a skinny cappuccino cake, all for only 3 syns if you count the 5 scan bran as a HEB. It's just 5 scan bran broken up and soaked in boiling water, drain off any excess. Add 3 syns worth of choc shot (6 teaspoons), sweetener. I added 3 tbs but I think it needed more. Add a skinny cappuccino muller lite yogurt and 2 eggs. Microwave for 7 minutes or until the cake comes away from the tub. It was really nice with fruit. There's more recipes below. One is the basic cake recipe, you can vary the yogurt flavour or try adding different flavoured essence the other, the mega popular scan bran scotch eggs! Scan bran even has it's own fb page if you'd like more ideas.  Enjoy :-)Suitable for vegetariansBasic cake recipeServes: 1Prep. time:Cook time:Total time: Less than 30 MinutesSyns per serving:Green: 5Original: 5Extra Easy: 5Print recipeIngredients5 Scan Bran1 Müllerlight yogurt2 eggs¼ tsp baking powder5 tbsp sweetener or to taste1 tsp cinnamonMethodCover the Scan Bran with boiling water to soften.Mix all the ingredients together and microwave for approximately 7 minutes.Tip: It's just 5 Syns for the whole cake and can be divided into as many portions as you like.Scan Bran Scotch eggsEver wondered why the crunchy crispbread Scan Bran is such a hit in Slimming World groups? As well as a great basis to pile on lots of lovely Free Food toppings, its fibre-rich recipe also boosts weight loss. From cakes to savoury snacks, Scan Bran has inspired lots of you to get creative in the kitchen, Food Optimising-style!Serves: 5Prep. time:Cook time:Total time: Less than 30 MinutesSyns per serving:Green: 7Original: 2Extra Easy: 2Print recipeIngredients5 British Lion eggsTesco Light Choices Pork Low Fat Sausages/Light Choices Reduced Fat Cumberland Pork Sausages, 8 pack15g flour to dust (hands only)3 eggs, beaten2 Scan Bran, crushedMethodHard boil 5 eggs. Cool in running water, then take off the shells.Skin the sausages, cut through skin lengthways and take out the meat.Using a little of the flour to dust hands, take 1½ sausages and roll into a ball. Then press out to 4½” diameter.Place a boiled egg in the centre and form the meat around the egg to cover it completely.Repeat until all 5 are covered.Beat the 3 eggs in a basin for the coating.Dip the meat-covered eggs into the beaten eggs and then into the crushed Scan Bran.Place on a baking tray, spray the scotch eggs with low calorie cooking spray and cook in the oven for approximately 15/20 minutes at 200°C/180°C Fan/Gas Mark 6.When cooked, allow to cool, then cut in half and serve.