Kimono queen :-)

Today's combo Some of my collectionimageCelebs wearing them imageimage imageSo if you haven't guessed I love a kimono!!! They are so easy to wear!!! A pair of jeans, a vest and a kimono, done!! Even though I've lost weight I don't like really like clingy clothes still. I think it's from being bigger, you always try and find something loose that's comfortable and doesn't show all your rolls!! I've ditched the combats and baggy hoodies, but I will always still wear these. They are really flattering and you can get so many different colours and combo's. I don't think you can ever have too many!! In fact my bf is always saying to me, er do you really need another one Nic?!? My answer? Yes!! I do get asked where they are from and it's a mixture. Topshop do amazing ones, river island, boohoo, new look, H & M, warehouse and other online shops. I'd recommend googling it, then flicking through the images, or just type kimonos in to the stores websites. This post has actually made me want to buy some more lol!!!So what else has happened today?!? I had a fab meeting with one of my team, I also caught up with some other consultants I look after. I really love my team :-) They are all so passionate and are amazing at what they do. I'm also trying out a new recipe from the fakeaway book. This book is just fantastic!!!!! It's been so popular!! Starving now. Will post food pics ASAP. I've also got my raffle prizes ready for group tomorrow, these were kindly made for me by another member!! Low syn sweet treats.I also posted another before and after picture today. It's taken me nine years to post these! I hate them so much so I've always been too embarrassed! I show them at group but never on social media! I'd hate for anyone to think I was showing off but everyone's been so lovely and I've had some fab feedback. If it inspires one person then it's worth it. A few people have asked where my dress is from. It's from River Island. Right off to search for more kimono's!!!! Happy Fopping! Xx