Marvellous Monday!!

Wow what a fab day I've had!!!! I woke up to a lovely feature on Slimming Worlds amazing members website, about my weight loss and how I cope when I'm out and about on plan. I was so excited!! It's quite strange to see yourself on a website!! If you're a slimming world member check it out :-)It's our sw month end today. As well as being a senior consultant I'm also a team developer of a fab bunch of consultants. For some people number crunching, analysing and planning might be boring, but I enjoy it. I can see all the hard work my team have put it paying off and then we can plan more exciting steps to have an amazing August and September. In between this I've also caught up on calls with some of my team. It's a support catch up to go over results and plan lots of exciting things for groups throughout the summer. The next big event being Woman of the year!! I cannot wait to see who's nominated in my two sessions!! I dint know how they'll choose as there's so many worthy nominees!!I didn't get chance to get to the gym today as busy doing the above, however I'm flipping aching from yesterday's 5 mile jog/walk so I'm not going to best myself up. I'll do some more tomorrow to make up for it!! I did however find time to open my new parcels that were delivered today!!! My postman laughs every time he comes to me as he knows I'm a fopperholic!!Once I find something I like, I have to buy more of them!! I'm obsessed with little cami vest tops and I'm also loving midi skirts, as well as the trusty maxi dress. So I've added to my collection, a few quick clicks last week and hurrah, they are now in my wardrobe waiting to be worn!! I love internet shopping!!! You can sit on your bum over the weekend, while watching trashy tv and drinking tea and still shop!!! I do prefer actually going shopping though as I love trying things on, I also can get inspired by the displays, plus it's good exercise as I walk bloody miles!! Internet shopping does mean however that I can even shop when the shops are shut! Winner!!! Today's buys were Warehouse, Miss Selfridge, Dorothy Perkins and New Look. I've not bought anything from new look or dotty p's for ages but they've got some really nice stuff in! I don't care where clothes are from, to me it's way more important how they look and fit.Today's food was all gorge!!!! I like to mix my breakfasts up, your bodies go in to starvation mode over night, so it's important to fuel it right when you wake up. By having some protein you really set yourself up well for the day ahead. Do you always eat cereal at home, then as soon as your on holiday and see the chef making omelettes, you queue for hours for one lol?!?!? Why don't we have more breakfasts like this during our working week? Eggs take minutes and really fill you up. Today's breakfast was a ham and sautéed veg omelette and a little portion of baked beans. Baked beans are a super speed food so fab for weight loss.Lunch was some left over chilli from last nights dinner, a small sweet potato and a large salad. I also had some fat free cottage cheese with it. It was so good!!!Then I quickly whipped up a yummy dessert, almond chocolate sw cream and strawberries. It was just quark, sweetener, almond essence and a teaspoon of choc shot stirred in. I layered it in a posh glass with strawberries. That's it! OMG it was heaven and only 1/2 syn!! Everything tastes nicer if you try and present it nicely doesn't it!! We eat with our eyes too you know!Dinner I was ummming and arrahing but then decided on this. Chicken tikka kebabs, cauliflower rice and salad. Syn free and so tasty!!! Just chops ll your ingredients up, marinade the chicken breast in tikka powder, grama masala, seasoning and chilli flakes. Then thread on to the skewers and grill. My bf is working late doing another photo shoot for Today's Golfer. So I'm trying my hardest to wait for him to get home and not demolish his dinner too! I get so proud of him doing these shoots, he's so dedicated to his profession and I love that in a man!! Shame I can't play hey!!! If they invent heeled golf shoes I might try again!!Have a fab evening guys and Happy Fopping!!!xxx