Perfect Sunday

Well my weekend was far from perfect :-( Apart from my vertigo I had/have, I'm never ill!!I was meant to have a fun packed weekend at The Forest of Dean for my friends 30th, but instead I was violently ill at 5am Saturday and had to come home. Yesterday was horrendous, but luckily today I'm feeling better than I did!So last night instead of downing spirits and diet mixers and dancing to old skool r n b and garage, I was in my pj's all day eating dry toast and feeling very sorry for myself! What's a girl to do?!? Sofa, check, X factor, check, iPad for Internet shopping?? Check check check!! Ordered a few things to cheer myself up!! Pics of recent purchases in the blog.After watching X factor, (I'm obsessed with Andrea, he has to win!!! He's so cute too! The guy from scunny and the hey now guy aren't bad either ;-). I got an early night. So I ventured out today for an hour to ikea. I literally have to get in and out as fast as possible in these places! People stress me out in there! They walk at 1mph! For some reason today people wanted to touch me too!! A little boy I walked past grabbed my arm and shouted "hi ya!!!!!!!" At the top of his voice lol, too cute. Then a lady accidentally tried to hold my hand while walking down the stairs, er do I look like your grey haired husband?? No lol!! Awkward. We needed a dining room table and chairs and ikea is so flipping cheap, so I'll put up with the slow, touch feeley strangers. My bf is currently putting it together now, soooooooo not a job for me! I'm sat watching strictly on catch up :-) How good is Max!!! Frankie and Caroline are good too, but I'm not a huge fan for some reason. Scott Mills?!? Lol OMG just awful!!! Plus I can no longer possibly fancy Mark Wright after this! Not great is he. Errrrrrrrrr and Donny Osband?? What's he on?!?! Loving Tess's dress though! So flattering.So anyway, what makes today perfect then?? Food of course!! Now I'm feeling ok again I need food!! I've decided to do a slow cooked whole chicken. All you do is place some foil balls in the bottom of the slow cooker and balance an upside chicken on them. You don't add water or anything, I just added some herbs. Cook on high for an hour, then 6 hours on low. It just falls off the bone. Amaze.Then I'm doing loads of veg and these incredible roast potatoes!! Par boil the potatoes, drain and rough them up a little. Place in a roasting dish, then pour up to 1/2 way up the potatoes chicken stock made with boiling water and a chicken oxo, spray the tops with frylight and put in a hot oven for about 45 mins. The potatoes soak in the chicken stock, making the inside lovely and soft and the outside crispy from the frylight. Top chefs do this, however they would use goose fat instead of the liquid. Don't turn the potatoes though, otherwise they won't get crispy.Literally can't wait to demolish it!! I hope your weekend was better than mine!!!Happy Fopping fopperholics xxx