imageimageimageimageI am a massive believer in having a positive mental attitude. I love these visuals above as they are just so true!!! It's not always easy to stay positive but it's worth trying.We have a funny saying at Slimming World about putting your positive pants on not negative knickers. Sorry guys this doesn't really help you! Negative thoughts can be very dangerous to a slimmer. This includes guilt and beating ourselves up if we had what we deem a bad day. I could easily be feeling negative today as yesterday I had what could be viewed as a bad day. Saturday I watched the football with my brother M, bf C and our friend P. I didn't touch wine, which is my downfall syns wise, but I did have a lot of gin and slim!! Queue a hangover yesterday!! I'm always the same if I'm feeling delicate. All I want to do is eat!!!!!! I eat things I would never ever eat normally, it literally zaps all my choice power. However it was just a roast dinner which had tons of superfree on it but I did have a lot!! I also had a taste of my beautiful nieces cheesecake!! Another fav of mine. Rather than blow the entire day though I did have a sw curry and rice for tea and loads of fruit and choc shot. So was this a bad day? Syn wise it wasn't great, but it was lovely spending Father's Day with my family so how can this be bad?Todays a new day, yesterday has gone so what's the point worrying about it and feeling negative?!? Straight back to food optimising 100% and some success express days! Plus body magic :-)Big brother last week had a challenge, all the housemates had to be positive, they weren't aloud any negativity. It was hilarious! It makes you realise how many times a day we might moan about silly little things. The Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine states that the largest part to your overall health is from your mental health. Having positive mental health gives us the motivation to do our best that we can and always striving to do betterI am sharing with you 7 habits that I have found about creating and maintaining positive mental attitude.1.Think PositiveThinking Positive is probably the most important of the habits that I can share with you, because you know that everything starts in the mind. Thoughts turn into feelings, which then turn into actions. If you tell yourself you can’t do something, you will ultimately find failure. If you tell yourself you can do it, you have increased your chances of accomplishing that goal. Keep your mind clear and your thoughts positive. This habit will bring great success to you in your personal and professional life.GOYA Tip: When a negative thought comes into your mind, instantly swap it with a positive one. An example of this would be thinking about a child’s smile or someone you know. This will keep the mind clear of any negative thoughts.2.Focus on the FutureToo many of us dwell on our past and let it block our vision of our future. We think about something disturbing that happened to us or we think about something that someone has told us that upset us, and we play it over and over like an old movie reel. We need to break this bad habit and visualize on what we want our future to be. The next time your past is haunting you, instantly think about something in your future. Write down your goals and create a vision board. This way you can always focus and see the positive things you want in life.GOYA Tip: Make a list of all things that you want in life. Go online and find it, print a picture of each item. Pin them up on a board in your office or home where you can see them. Look at this vision board daily and visualize yourself possessing all of these items.3.Read and Listen to Positive InformationOne of the best ways to create a positive mindset is by filling it with positive information. Too many times we get our information from the wrong places. We get focused on the negative news of the world and it bleeds into our subconscious. We need to learn to be careful on what we let into our mind. To get out of the negative rut, we need to get in the habit of picking up an inspirational book, find a positive article on the web or just listen to a positive inspirational CD. These positive items will open your mind, encourage, inspire, and teach you how to create a positive mindset. (Some of my favorite inspirational authors are Zig Ziglar, Julio Melara & Brian Tracy)GOYA Tip: Put a Positive CD in your car, home stereo or in at your office. Listen to it for the length of the car ride or 30 minutes in your home or office. Try to implement that one new positive idea that you learned into what you are doing that particular day.4.Plan AheadUsing time efficiently helps to maintain a positive attitude. The best way to do this is to plan your day and your week ahead of time. We need to adopt this habit so that we won’t let procrastination take over and keep us from reaching our goals. The habit of planning and focusing on your priorities and important tasks will help you accomplish more in less time. This very act will keep your life in check and help you stay on track towards your goals and let you know stay aware of your accomplishments.GOYA Tip: Each day sit at your desk for ten minutes and map out your next day. This exercise can save two hours the next day.5.Get Around Positive PeopleStay away from negative and pessimistic people. Surround yourself with positive people, and you will be more positive! This is a simple and crucial habit in reaching a positive lifestyle. Negative people can rob you of your energy and your drive. We must learn to get around people that are like minded, have goals and the ones that have courage to go forward in life.GOYA Tip: Think about someone that you respect and has the positive traits that you want to possess. Try to meet with that person frequently so that their positive attitude will become part of you.6. Be GratefulTake some time everyday to be grateful and thankful for everything that you have in your life right now. It is easy for us to focus on what we don’t have or things we didn’t accomplish. Find these great things and recognize them. The very thought of what you are grateful for will help you maintain a positive attitude in your life. This habit is one of the best ways to turn negative thinking into positive thinking instantly.GOYA Tip: Write down the top 10 things you are grateful for and read them over at least 10 times daily!7. Exercise MoreThe habit of daily exercise will help you improve your mood, along with helping to against stress and depression. This healthy habit will keep you living longer and living a healthier lifestyle. Remember exercising will also make you feel better about yourself. When you feel better about yourself, it breeds confidence which will help you in your personal and professional life.GOYA Tip: Go for a 30 minute brisk walk on a treadmill or around the neighborhood. This is a great exercise to create positive thinking.If you follow and implement these 7 life changing habits daily, they will bring you the success and happiness you desire. These habits will take you from underneath that dark cloud of negativity and bring you out into the sunshine of a positive lifestyle. Use these 7 habits and tips to improve your attitude and see the positive things like peace and happiness that will come into your life.Happy Fopping guys and remember it's all about PMA xx