Quorn bolognese with courgetti and chicken tarragon casserole with swede mash x

Hi all.Busy day again today!!! No gym, as didn't have time. Don't you just love it though when you've got a massive list of things to do and you can cross off tons in a day!! Feels so good!! I'm not the most organised person in the world, everything is stored in my head and I can leave things till the last minute. However not any more!! I've even got new stationary!! Check me out!!So today's food.Breakfast was weetabix, berries and cinnamon. HEBLunch was quorn bolognese with courgetti. Syn free.My recipe:-Fry off quorn mince, with your veggies. I used sainsburys ready chopped frozen carrots, celery and onions, I added mushrooms, garlic, crumbled in a beef oxo, seasoning, a few chilli flakes, basil, oregano and Italian mixed herbs. I also added chopped tomatoes then let it simmer away.My courgetti is just a courgette twisted through my Spiralizer and fried off in fry light for 5 minutes. So quick and simple and a fab way of adding speed foods, especially on eesp. My spirilaizer is from amazon.Dessert was obviously quark, options and berries!! 2 syns. Today I had mint.Dinner was one of my favourites!!! Chicken tarragon casserole and swede mash. This is a throw everything in dinner!!Get a large saucepan and fry off chopped chicken breast. I use three between two of us. I then added some more of my new fav frozen chopped veggies, I also added mushrooms, more onion, courgettes and some red pepper. Fry all that off, then add garlic, lots of tarragon, some rosemary, thyme, sage and a bit of parsley (optional), I also threw in a pinch of mustard powder and a large tbs of tomato purée and 400ml of chicken stock made with 2 chicken cubes. Then just let it simmer away.My swede mash is using the singing swede technique. Literally just out your swede in the microwave and cook for about 15 minutes. Remove, peel and mash. Simples. Again this is all syn free and perfect on eesp. We both adore it!!!!!Dessert will be more of my fav berries, with sweet cottage cheese. If you still haven't tried this give it a whirl. It's fat free cottage cheese as it's a P food on eesp, mixed with sweetener and flavourings. My favourite flavour so far is choc orange or English trifle flavour. These are from cupcakeworld. Tesco sell flavourings and so do eBay etc...... They are syn free.Hope you've all had a wonderful day.Happy Fopping xxxx