Reasons v's Excuses

I wanted to write a blog today on Reasons v's Excuses.I'd never use the word excuse in my group, I'm just not very comfortable with the word, I'm not 100% sure why? I think it's because it sounds quite judgemental. Only you know if you're using something as an excuse or a genuine reason to stop you from doing something.I was shattered yesterday, so I used it as an excuse not to go to the gym, I'm sure if I really wanted to I could of found some energy to get up and go. I know I'd of felt better after too. My alarm went off this morning and I lied in bed trying to think of another excuse not to go, too tired, too busy, not got an outfit ready, I could go on. But I snapped myself out of it and went. I did spin and pump and I'm so glad I did. We always have such a laugh and you feel great after. If I hadn't of gone I know I would of felt bad.If I think back to before I found slimming world I could of wrote a book on excuses!! I made tons of them as to why I couldn't lose weight.I can't eat healthy because..............I can't cookIt's boring foodI don't like itIt would be rude not to eat itI've been taken out for dinner so I have to eat itThey've made me this cake so I have to have itI'm too tired to cookI'm too busy to cookI'm too hungover lolI haven't got time to shop properlyI don't want to be deprivedI want to eat what everyone else eatsIt's too expensive...You get the idea!!!At the time I really believed these were real true reasons why I wouldn't succeed at losing weight. I've proved now though that they were in fact excuses!I've learnt to cook and it's actually pretty easy! There's millions of recipe books and fab quick easy ideas on the website. There's also low syn convenience foods that you can have too. You can see from my food photos that healthy food isn't boring at all!!! It can be if you make it boring, but there really isn't any need to. I've discovered foods I didn't even think I liked! If you're tired, no worries, a quick stir fry, an omelette or bulk cook so you can whip something out of the freezer. Or use a slow cooker, I love these!! Come home and your dinner is ready!! If I timed myself getting a take away, going from my house to the take away, choose my order, wait for it to be cooked, pay for it and get home to serve it, I could of easily knocked up a sw friendly meal in that time! Guess what else, mine would be cheaper too!! If it just has to be a take away, no problem!! There's a lot of low syn options to go for, we don't have to go for a high syn version just because we're tired do we?!? Healthy food actually gives us more energy, eat rubbish and I feel rubbish!! As for expensive, it can be yes, but it can also be cheap if you shop smart. Aldi is amazing for cheap superfree foods, there's tinned foods, frozen and loads of fab markets. I was a student when I lost my weight, I made loads of cheap pasta dishes, went for all the special offers and bought non branded products. So all those so called reasons I used weren't really reasons were they?!?I did break my foot once and couldn't go to the gym, that's a true reason!! Thinking about it now though I could of done arm weights ha ha!!Let's look a bit further in to this.What are Reasons and Excuses?"Reasons are rational explanations given for thinking in a particular way or for doing a particular activity. They are basically logical justifications in accordance with some motive. While excuses are an attempt to convince oneself or others about the difficulties involved when a promise is not kept or there is lack of progress, or simply, when something is not done. Excuses are often disguised as reasons as the sayings go, " An excuse is a lie disguised as a reason" "An excuse is a skin of a reason stuffed with a lie".Pretty heavy stuff!! The word lie, eeeeekkkk, that's how it makes me feel, but deep down, if I'm honest with myself, I was actually lying to myself. Why did I do that?!? The only person I was hurting was myself. All those unhappy years wasted. I lost my excuses and found my results. If you really really want something nothing can stand in your way.Have you ever made an excuse to skip a meeting at work? A date with a guy? An event with a friend?!? You need to give an excuse or a reason only in two types of situations- one, where you were supposed to do something but ended up with something else and two, where you were not able to do the required activity at all and need some explanation to get you out of the embarrassment, or to make others see why it wasn’t your fault and you should not be blamed for it.So how can we avoid harming ourselves by making excuses?!? Believe in yourself. I had to tell myself I could lose weight and I had to believe it. No one or nothing was stopping me. If I was taken out for dinner, I'd politely request a healthy option. If someone was thoughtful enough to buy me a cake or some chocolate, I'd politely thank them and take it home for someone else to eat. This isn't being rude, this is being true to yourself and your goals. If people care and love you, they honestly won't mind! People soon respected my goals as I shared they were important to me, so they'd buy me fruit, smellies or a little trinket. These meant so much more to me. Family dinners at other peoples houses can be a challenge, full fat roasted potatoes, cake and custard for dessert, did I have to have it? Nope! They loved me and knew my weight loss was important to me so they'd do me sw roast potatoes and fruit and use sugar free jelly and a muller light :-) Be confident. Be assertive in a nice warm way. Give it your best.Sometimes things might go wrong. No one is perfect, especially me! We all slip up sometimes. We have our syns and tons of amazing free foods, superfree and healthy extras, but sometimes we lose our way. If this happens, don't worry about it!!! Don't do the guilt thing and beat yourself up, it won't help you. Just draw a line under it and move on. Take a positive and learn from it, that way if it happens again you'll be better prepared.Do you know though the scary thing about lying to yourself or using excuses? We can convince ourselves they are true and we let them define us!! I can't lose weight I'm useless, I can't run I'm too unfit, I can't cook I'm terrible at it..... Don't limit yourselves!! You can re invent yourself every single day if you want to.Most of us can confuse a reason with an excuse. It's easily done and if you do this you won't be alone, I've done it loads of times!!! Next time you think of a reason to not go and exercise and do some body magic or a reason why you can't food optimise, think twice about whether it is really a valid reason or just an excuse, only you can decide.Happy Fopping guys xxxx