Saint vs Sinner

I've had a really flexible week!! It's been my birthday so there's been a girls night out, hangover food, bday spa day, bday family night, Friday night red wine, meal in Birmingham and a visit to the German market, then a meal out today too! Throw in a week of zero exercise means I was feeling pretty rubbish!! Until I read this quote, it was hanging up on the wall of the beautiful Walton Hall today.“Every saint has a past, and every sinner has a future.”― Oscar WildeThis can easily apply to a slimmer! I'm usually really focused with food, alcohol not so much, but food I'm pretty close to a saint! But this week I've been a synner! I've not gone crazy, but I've certainly had more flexibility than usual. To some, when it's your birthday they see it as the norm to eat and drink whatever you want, but for me it's just not worth it. I don't see cake, chocolate etc as treats. To me fitting in to an amazing dress and having spa treatments is more a treat. Don't get me wrong I love love love the taste, but the pleasure is literally gone in seconds! Feeling good and healthy can last a life time. I'm perfectly happy having my sw version of takeaways, chocolate desserts and so on. I never feel deprived with food optimising, so I don't feel the need to have mega blow outs. How I feel after eating high syn food takes away the enjoyment. Once you've got to target you really don't ever want to slip back, it becomes your lifestyle and there's nothing wrong with that.The guilt was creeping in, the jeans are tighter and my stomach was wobbling when we went over some speed bumps! Then I saw this quote and felt better! No gain is permanent, every gain is undo able. I just need a new goal to re motivate myself. Two of our friends we were out with last night have got amazing figures, one girl R is really in to working out and going to the gym. She's totally re inspired me!! She's also lost weight and she knows how it feels to be bigger and unhappy, so we've got this is common. She's way more focused than me though with exercise and I'm hoping it's rubbed off!! I've ordered some new trainers and gym clothes to re motivate me!! I liked how I was feeling before my bday and I want that feeling back! But that's down to me.Everyone at any given moment in time is governed by their action and thought at that exact moment. A Saint, in an instant, can become a Sinner. And a Sinner, can become a Saint. You cannot be labeled by your past, or what you promise to do in the future. You are who you are now. So this sinner or synner is going back to being more saintly! Nothing tastes as good as being slim feels after all!!Hope you've all had a fab weekend. Happy Fopping xx