Saturday. Food food food

Hi all!! Well I've had some lovely food today!! I had to make up for a boring breakfast thanks to a power cut!! Cold weetabix and fruit booooo.Anyway I headed off to combat and kicked some ass. Shattered I decided on a superfree feast!!! I'm off to Barcelona Friday, I do not want to that fast dash to the pool lol. That walk of fear where you dread the thought of anyone looking at your wobbly bum or cellulite!! It's not as bad now I've lost weight, but I still hate it!!!This was lunch.BBQ chicken, ratatouille, cauliflower rice and corn. Syn free. I used the Schwartz BBQ flavouring and pan fried it in fry light. The ratatouille is chopped Mediterranean roast veg, tinned tomatoes, herbs and garlic. I just do mine in a tray in the oven. Cauli rice is cauliflower blitzed in a food processor or grater and. Ice leave for 3-4 mins.Dessert was chocolate cappuccino frozen yogurt drops. Delish!!!!!!Blog some muller light cappuccino yogurt on baking paper, pop a raspberry in and drizzle with choc shot then freeze. 1 syn for these and they were amaze. No shopping yet today but I've got my iPad in my head now so here I come!!Have a lovely day guys and girls and Happy Fopping xxxxxx