Saturday kitchen and body magic!





20140628-134335-49415215.jpgPhew!!! I'm shattered!!! Did an hour of body combat this morning and then straight after an hour of body pump. I always prefer weights to cardio but this morning was hard!!! I've got a busy day today, gym, my gorgeous nieces birthday, sorting a house viewing out, eeekkkk and then I'm off out tonight. It's date night, so we're going for a few drinks and then to an award winning Indian restaurant. I've never been before so I'm excited!!! I adore Indian food!! It's a really easy meal out to do in plan. I always have chicken rogan josh or chicken dansak, both are only 6.5 syns. I'll have it with boiled rice and I always ask for a side salad. I never have nan bread as it's sooooo high in syns but I do sometimes have a poppadom, but at 4 syns each they are quite high for what you get. I might just have the onion salad now I'm thinking about it, this is why it's important to pre plan when you're eating out.So I wore my favourite trainers today, I love love love them!!! I'll do a post on all of my trainers soon. It's the only flats I own!! After the gym I had the most gorgeous lunch!!!! Turkey burgers, pizza topped mushrooms and salad. The burgers is just extra lean turkey mince, season, Cajun powder, chilli and a pinch of garlic. I then grilled them along with the mushrooms. The mushrooms are really simple. You top them with either tomatoe purée or tinned chopped tomatoes, mixed herbs and extra light mature cheese from your A choice. Dessert was mixed berries with diluted choc shot, so not even 1/2 syn and an Aldi syn free Greek lemon yogurt. Just what was needed after the gym!!Right I'm off to get ready to see my little birthday princess. Have an amazing weekend all and Happy Fopping xxxx