Slightly hungover shopping and food haul

So I had a few too many wines last night!! Naughty me. Skipped dinner too which wasn't good!! So bang, queue the hangover!!Going food shopping when you're hungover is dangerous!!!! I badly wanted haribo but I didn't succumb. Lunch was sweet chilli chicken pasta salad, 1.5 syns for the sauce.Dessert my usual fav 1/2 syn. Then after shopping I was peckish so had this snack of scan bran and superfree. 1/2 syn salad cream.I picked up some of my favourite aldi products, the salmon which is syn free and the fat free Greek yogurts, again syn free. Aldi is fab for sw and so cheap!!Got some holiday bits from boots, I'm excited to try this auzzie dry shampoo. It's new and claims to be amazing for adding volume. This is the only sun cream I can ever use, it's fantastic stuff!!! I get prickly heat but never ever had it while using this. Not tried this shampoo and conditioner before either so I'll be giving that a whirl. I adore anything that smells of coconut. This is the best deodorant ever too!! Love it!!I got the same jacket I posted a few days back in a light pink/nude colour. I really like this longer length duster blazer style :-) might have to get more colours!!Hope you're all having a fab day xxPs special shout out to Maureen from Warwick ;-) x