So I've finally launched the new pack and the amazing SP plan in my group!! So exciting!! Lots of people are up for trying it after they've heard what fab results we've been getting!! I haven't got much to lose to get back to target, about 10lbs and I still lost 4lb in a week. On my birthday week, which was rather flexible, I followed it where I could and still lost 1.5lbs! The best loss I've heard of so far is a colleague who lost a fantastic 13lb in a week!!! Just brilliant!! There's a fab feature on lifeline online to help you more and also lots of lovely recipes, hints and tips. Make sure you have a peep. I've been trailing it for weeks now and I absolutely love it!!! If you look back through my meals, a lot were SP. I even tried cottage cheese with sweetener, flavourings and choc shot with S fruits mixed in, who knew it would be so nice!! Quark had been my life saver as I was a total yogurt addict!!!!!! I feel so much better for doing it inch loss wise too. I know it'll help me get back to target!! If you've left group or never even tried sw before, quick rush back!! Don't miss out as it's just brilliant!!!!!I'm going to share some of my meals I've had on sp and also some common questions I've already been asked. It really is very simple though. If you're stuck please talk to your lovely consultant.Fill up on those foods with a S or a P next to it, snack on as many S foods as you can, fill 50% of your plate with S and the other with P foods. Enjoy 1 A choice and 2 B choices, then your 5-15 syns to spend on what you'd like to spend them on. Simple :-)Extra hasn't really changed, it's just been streamlined. The term superfree has gone, it's all been made that little bit simpler.SP made me become really creative with my vegetables!! Here's some of the things I now do for my 50% speed foods:-Carrot and swede mashCourgetti noodles, see the gadget in the pic for the gadget I useLeeks as lasagne sheets, this is a hairy bikers ideaLarge portobello mushrooms as burger rollsStir fryColeslawSalsaSaladsRoast vegCauliflower riceCauliflower mashPizza topped mushroomsLettuce as wrapsButternut squash wedges or chipsCeleric chipsAsparagus to dunk in boiled eggsEgg wraps &Sautéed cabbage with garlic, horseradish and fromaige fraiseFor the cauliflower rice you literally just grate a cauliflower and microwave it for 3-4 minutes, you can use a blender or just a hand grater. No water, nothing. Here’s some variations on Cauliflower Rice:-Spanish Cauliflower Rice // add red pepper flakes + diced tomatoes + jalapenosCurry Cauliflower Rice // add 1 Tbs. curry powder + fresh grated ginger + red chilies + fresh lime juiceFried Cauliflower Rice // add scrambled egg + 1 Tbs. sesame oil, (syns)+ fresh grated ginger + 1 Tbs. soy sauceItalian Cauliflower Rice // add 1 Tbs. dried oregano + fresh basil + diced tomatoes + diced red onionGreek Cauliflower Rice // add 1 Tbs. oregano + 1 Tbs. capers + diced olives (syns) + 1 Tbs mustard powder+ 1 Tbs. apple cider vinegarSweet Cauliflower Rice // a dash of cinnamon + stevia to taste + vanilla extractLemon Cauliflower Rice // juice of 1 lemon + 1 tsp. sea saltHerbed Cauliflower Rice // a mix of fresh herbs diced finely such as dill, chives, or basil, oregano, rosemary, etc.Amazing what you can do!! So who's getting to target in 2015?!?! Me!!!!!!! Have an amazing nye all, happy new year and thank you so much for supporting my page/blog.Lots of sw love fopperholic xxxxxCommon questionsWhy do you recommend members only follow Extra Easy sp for a week?When you’re following Extra Easy sp you might be consuming less calcium (because yogurt isn't an s or p food) and less carbohydrate (because you’re not including starchy carbohydrates like potatoes, rice and pasta each day). Calcium is important for bone health, and carbohydrate is important for a good overall healthy balance. So if you decide you’d like to follow sp for more than a week we recommend you:either build in some standard Extra Easy daysor you add one more Healthy Extra ‘a’ choice (or have one regular-size pot of any Free yogurt (flavoured or natural) or the equivalent amount of fat free fromage frais each day to make sure you’re getting enough calcium)Alternatively, switch to more s and p foods in your regular Extra Easy days.What if I want to have potatoes or a yogurt on an sp day – do I count them as Syns?No – potatoes and yogurt are Free Foods, so (as long as there are no tweaks involved) they don’t have a Syn value. They’re just not low enough in energy density to count as a Speed food, or high enough in protein to be a Protein-rich food.The focus of Extra Easy sp is on Speed and Protein foods. If you want to eat a Free Food that doesn’t fall into these categories, that’s fine, and you will lose weight! You don’t need to count them as Syns and there’s a special section on the Extra Easy sp food diary to jot down these occasional Free Foods. However, if you really want to boost your weight loss and tighten up, stick with s and p.And…. if you’re sticking religiously to Extra Easy sp, you can still have one Healthy Extra ‘a’ and two ‘b’ choices, as well as your 5-15 Syns as usual.What if I’m struggling to have at least half a plate of Speed foods? Eg baked beans on toastCommon sense rules – as always. We wouldn’t expect you to have an enormous side salad with your baked beans on toast on a sp day – but we’d encourage you to incorporate a greater proportion of s foods into your next meal, and stick to Speed fruits and veggies in between meals.Extra Easy sp appears to cut out starchy carbs (potatoes, rice, pasta etc) – are we saying these are now ‘bad’?Absolutely not! No food groups are ‘bad’ (though fats have a lot to answer for!).Carbohydrates are the second most filling foods (after proteins), which is why they make fabulous Free Foods! They’re just not as filling as Protein-rich foods, nor as low in energy density as other Speed foods, and Extra Easy sp focuses on the very lowest energy density and most Protein-rich foods to boost weight loss. If you’re craving a jacket spud or a banana, it’s not a crime, and you will lose weight! It just won’t supercharge your weight loss.When I'm following Extra Easy sp, can I have any Healthy Extra 'b' choice I want or do I have to choose those with an s symbol?You can choose any Healthy Extra ‘b’ choices – however, as you’d expect, choosing Speed Healthy Extras will lead to even better weight loss because they’re the lowest in energy density.Can you have Free products such as Quorn low fat sausages on Extra easy sp – do they count as a p?No, we haven’t given the p symbol (or any other symbol) to any branded/processed foods because although some are Free, we can’t be 100% sure of the proportions of protein in every branded product, and so we can’t be certain if they’d count as a p food. You can still enjoy them freely on Extra Easy though. I know yogurt isn't an s or a p food on Extra Easy sp but could I use a low Syn one in place as long as I count the Syns?I know yogurt isn't an s or a p food on Extra Easy sp but could I use a low-Syn one in place as long as I count the Syns?You could but there really is no need. If you’d love to have a yogurt on an Extra Easy sp day, you can still have a Free one and make a note of it in the ‘Other Free Foods’ column of your food diary. It’s probably better to choose a Free yogurt than one with Syns, as that way you’re eating fewer calories.