Strong is the new skinny, don't be a calorie slave!






20140625-163840-59920134.jpgI love Instagram!! I've not been on it for long but it's fab!! I prefer the fact that it's mainly pictures as opposed to loads of status updates. I use it for work and sharing personal pics and I've connected with loads of amazing sw members. It's so inspiring to see their success stories and photos of yummy foods they've created. Everyone is so lovely. I love it so much though I find myself double tapping pictures on other sites ha ha. Slightly addicted I think!!!The only thing I do find hard or sad really, is when I've seen girls I follow get frustrated for whatever reason and end up jumping ship to other methods of losing weight. These tend to be more like diets as opposed to a life style change like sw. I don't judge others as trust me, I've done every diet under the sun, but I know now, through experience that diets simply don't work!! You may be reading this and be thinking, er hang on isn't she a Slimming World Consultant and Manager?!? Yes I am and that's why I am. It's not a faddy diet, it's simply healthy eating. Making changes, but not huge ones. You're encouraged to fill up on healthy free and superfree foods, add on your healthy extras, then still enjoy 5-15 syns per day. You get to eat and enjoy real food and still lose weight! It's all backed by a leading nutritionist at head office and we are still the biggest slimming organisation in the U.K. for a reason.I wasted years and years on diets, of course I lost weight, but as soon as I stopped I'd put it all back on again. The worst one is a toss up between the cabbage pill diet and herbal life! The cabbage pill diet is crazy! Just eat fruit and veg one day and take the tablets, then you have bananas and milk on another and wow happy days, on the last day you actually get to eat a chicken breast and some cherry tomatoes!! By this point I was a moody evil b***h!! I had zero energy and just felt and looked so awful. My brother tried to steal some of my chicken and I literally went to stab his hand with a fork ha ha!!! My gorgeous Swedish friend M and I did herbal life together, worst mistake ever!!! We were both so ill. I remember one night before we were due to go out, we were outside having a few drinks at my sisters and we both nearly fainted. I'd get stomach cramps and always felt light headed, it was horrible and expensive! Now I know some people love it and each to their own, but it didn't agree with me at all. I'd have big losses on these strict diets but then, you've guessed it, a big gain would bite me in the ass the week after!! All I wanted to do was binge as I felt so deprived. It's a vicious circle.I've also downloaded my fitness pal and counted calories. I actually quite enjoyed it for a few days but the novelty soon wore off!! It did highlight a few things to me where I may of been over eating on certain things, but it's not a way of life. I wouldn't eat a thing until it went on my app!Here are the reasons why calorie counting isn't a great way to live or lose weight:-1. It's actually really inaccurate, calories in meals out will always vary, you don't always weigh and measure everything and even raw veg has less calories than cooked.2. Muscle burns more calories, but to gain muscle you actually need calories, the less you eat the slower your metabolism i.e. the less calories you will burn.3. Quality is more important than quantity. By just focusing on calories you are forgetting other important factors such as protein per gram, fibre, fat, carbs etc....4. Calories provide energy, its important to eat them for good health. If you constantly count them it adds stress and it isn't a long term solution.I get it, if you've got a special event like a wedding, birthday or holiday, I get that you want to feel at your best. I've done fast forward before, it's a sw straight jacket. We use it as a last resort tool, I was struggling so I went on ff and lost 6lbs to fit in my birthday dress. We only ever advise to do this for a week or two at the most, never ever longer. It did help me regain some control as I wasn't food optimising 100%.So if you want to lose body fat, gain muscle and be happy and healthy please don't do faddy diets and try not to count calories. Rather than thinking, I need to swop plans, this doesn't work for me, stop and think. The plan hasn't changed, if you've lost weight before you can again. It works for everyone, we may of just got complacent, see my blog on where could I of gone wrong. There so many things you can try before you try yet another plan. Success express, food diaries, sas logs, pep plans, red days, green days, more superfree, the speed food challenge, scan bran, visualisation, flexible syns, for and against lists and if desperate ff.I love the whole new craze amongst women at the moment, Strong is the new skinny. I totally agree with this!!! We need to fuel our bodies not deprive them. Toned healthy, "normal" people don't count calories forever, they eat until they are full and get a wide variety of foods. The pictures of skinny models in this blog are just shocking!!! How is this healthy and attractive?!? In my personal opinion the other pictures of healthy and strong women, such as Paige Hathaway, are far more appealing!! She eats healthily, doesn't deprive herself and works out. I know what I'd rather look like.So the choice is yours guys and girls. Stick with a generous healthy lifestyle change or go on a strict diet that ultimately isn't a long term solution. I lost three stone in three months and kept it off for 14 years, ok so I'm 1/2 stone out of target at present. That's not the plans fault. All I need to do is food optimise 100%, eat until I'm full and not beyond and keep up my body magic! Oh and cut down on alcohol haha, which I have done.Here's today food. Breakfast was amazing, SS baked beans, 2 x scan bran and my superfree of tomatoes and mushroom. I also had marmite on my scan bran, which I love!! Lunch was left overs from yesterday's amazing piri piri pork and salad. It's sooooooo rare for me to have leftovers as I'm so greedy lol, but I managed to refrain from scoffing the lot and it came in so handy as took minutes!! Dinner I'm currently planning now so that will be shared later.Happy Fopping all xxxx