Sunday shopping, food and comedy

So I had such a fab day yesterday. I did my favourite thing first, apart from eating lol. Shopping!!! I've shared a pic of my purchases. I've bought loads recently but these are just Sundays presents to myself. I love going to the bull ring in Birmingham as it's just got everything!! It's already starting to get mad busy though with early Xmas shoppers so beware! I think I'll do all mine online again this year!!!I'm still hitting the speed foods, especially after I past my tipping point on unplanned drinks Saturday. Sssshhhh don't tell anyone, I am human too.I don't know how you guys feel about eating out, but it does stress me out sometimes. I'm a control freak and I like to know what Im eating, how it's cooked and I like to ensure it's cooked the sw way. I like Indian as it's easy to food optimise there, also Nandos and the harvester. I'm a cheap date!!! We wanted to go somewhere a bit nicer though Sunday. We looked at miller and carter but I was starving and I didn't think it would be enough! Ended up going to a Brazilian restaurant called Rodizio Rico. OMG it was amazing!!!! Not cheap but it was so worth it!!! There's a huge salad bar, which is all you can eat, there's everything you can think of!! Then men come around with skewers of meat and chicken and cut it off for you. Then they keep coming round with more and more!! It's all BBQ or grilled, no fat or oil. The quality of meat was fantastic! I had gammon, chicken, fillet steak, pork, rump steak and lamb! They just cut a few bits off. Then you have a card you can turn over when you need a rest and then turn back over when you want more. I didn't turn mine over much ha ha. It was just so nice to eat out and not feel guilty about it. If you have one near you, go. It was £21 each on a Sunday, but I wouldn't hesitate to go back. I'd go every day!! After that we went to see John Bishop, so it was a perfect day.I promised I'd share the way I did my carrot cake porridge this morning with my fb page followers and Instagram friends, it was really nice and just a different way of adding speed foods without going over board on fruit.All I did was weigh out my HEB of oats. Add a peeled and finely grated carrot, cinnamon, ginger and milk. I used coconut milk but you can use whatever you like as you A choice. Cook in the microwave to your liking and sprinkle on stevia after. Easy peasy. You can also add eggs to the mixture and do them as pancakes! With or without the oats.Any questions on the food pics just shout.I'm currently in a salon right now going ombre!!!! Eeeeekkkk scared but excited too! I'm so boring with my hair, I've been blonde forever!! Hopefully I'll like it for a change.Have a fab day and Happy Fopping xxx