Tan, quiches and eBay!












20140624-160932-58172977.jpgToday's been a lovely day so far. I got up early so I could fit in the gym. I didn't get to spin in time so I did a run/walk then pump, which I adore!!!! I then quickly flew to sainsburys. I picked up some of my usual fav items and also bought a new non stick muffin tray. I really wanted to make some mini ham quiches, OMG I'd forgotten how good they are!!! I adapt the recipe from online which I will post further down. I had my usual fruit and fat free greek yogurt for dessert with some watered down choc shot, (I like to do this as it's a thick strong chocolate sauce, watering it down makes it take like chocolate milkshake and your 1/2 syn goes further). While I was the sainsburys I also saw this fab squash dispenser, great for making sure we drink enough fluids on these sunny days. It was £8 though so you can probably find one cheaper. I bumped in to some girls I know and both said they'd been reading and enjoying my blog. This totally made my day!!!!!! Thanks girls!!! I then had a fab meeting with one of my amazing team, J. She's lost 6 stone and just looks fab! She's so passionate and is such a wonderful team member, I love her!I've been asked a lot recently if I've got fake tan on or how come I'm brown. My secret weapon is the dove gradual tanning moisturisers, I've used all of the ones pictured here and this is my no.1. Whatever you do though dint pick up the one with added glitter!!!! You'll either look a child going to a party or a 70 year old ball room dancer ha ha. I do use fake tan for a night out, but I can't be bothered to do it just for the day time. Gradual tanners are so quick and easy and this one doesn't smell too bad either!!I also want to share my love of eBay!! I've bought and sold on eBay for years. I always seem to find hidden treasures on there!! My favourite gold wedges are about to die on me, I adore them and have always had compliments on them. They sold out online and in the shops, so I had a quick look on eBay. Hurrah I only flipping found them!!! Nine west size 6 wedges waiting for me to buy them! Ok so they aren't gold, they're tan, but that's fine as I love them!!! (Let's not talk about the fact that I've already got a million pairs of tan wedges!!) After re discovering my love of cigarette patterned trousers I went looking for some more on eBay, as the online shops weren't great. I found a gorgeous pair of floral ones from Topshop, I placed a bid and won them. I'm terrible on eBay as I'm mega competitive!!! I literally cannot let anyone beat me and see it as a fight till the bitter end. I forget I've actually got to then pay for these items lol. You can get some fab bargains though and you can also find dresses that no one else will have. Search your favourite style eg peplum, or bandage and they'll be tons of choice and they are usually really good value too!I haven't decided what to have for dinner yet but I'm sure you'll hear about it in my next blog. Happy Fopping all xxxxMini ham quichesPreheat the oven at 200Mix up a tub of fat free cottage cheese, 3 eggs, a teaspoon of mustard powder, chopped mushroom, onion and cherry tomatoes and season.Spray a muffin tray with fry light and line with ham, I used smoked ham.Then spoon in the mixture and bake for approx 15 minutes or until brown. These are amazing hot or cold and make approx 12 muffins. They are also syn free!!! Happy days :-)