Tex mex chilli wrap and heavenly dessert for 2 syns

Hi all!! So it's going to be easy moving forward if I blog the recipes to the majority of my meals. Sadly when you have a fb page there isn't the option to add recipes to files, this means I have to always re type the recipes or people look through the photos from a while back and can't find the recipe.Today's been fab so far. I'm loving all the good news coming in from my team. To know more and more people are finding slimming world makes me so happy :-) I literally cannot wait for my group Thursday!!! I'm actually a bit nervous but so excited!!! It's like being a new consultant all over again!! I've got a new venue and I've added another session too, so I'm doing 3.30pm, 5.30pm and 7.30pm. I'm determined to still wear heels though lol, everyone keeps saying wear flats, er no chance! Flats isn't in my vocabulary! I've just had 34 parcels delivered for Thursday, oh and one cheeky one from Topshop ;-) I've got new member packs and hi fi bars everywhere!!! I really need to get a bigger car now!!I did an early rpm class this morning followed by body pump. I love love love body pump!!! I've also been hitting eesp hard. I feel so much better already!! My jeans don't feel tight anymore and I've got much more energy. We've had amazing results so far on ee and eesp, the highest I've seen is 10.5lbs so far on our team. Amazing!! To get those results without dieting is just brilliant!!I'm off to support one of my lovely team tonight, fingers crossed it'll be a brilliant night for her and her members, I'm sure it will be.So breakfast was rhubarb and custard porridge bulked out with S fruits. The flavourings I get mainly from cupcake world, tesco or eBay. They are syn free.Lunch was my left over turkey tex mex chilli from yesterday in an egg wrap with salad. Egg wraps are brilliant!! You can eat them hot or cold and fill them with whatever you like. I had mine with salad and my fav, jalapeño peppers!! The turkey chilli recipe is on my page. The egg wrap is just 2 eggs, a splash of skimmed milk from your hea and seasoning. I pan fry one side and then grill the top. Then just wrap up your filling.Dessert was one of my favourites in eesp. Quark mixed with a sachet of the strawberry chocolate options, a little sweetener and again S fruits. I also crumbled up part of my other HEB, I had the double chocolate crisp hi fi bar today. These are amazing!!!!!!!!! 3 syns each or 2 for your HEB. That's the fab thing about eesp, if you do it 100% you get 2 b choices. Winner!! This dessert tastes just like quality street strawberry creams!!I've also made a quick batch of soup in case I get peckish! Soup makers are wonderful and these pour and store bags are fab!! This soup is the sainsburys butternut squash and chilli soup mix, I love it!! Bags are from there too.Right I'm off to do more work for my team and group.Have a wonderful day peopleHappy Fopping xx