The 7 p's PPPPPPP

imageimageimageimageimage image    Proper prior planning prevent p**s poor performance.I love this saying!! It's soooooooooo true!!!! I also like, nobody plans to fail, they simply fail to plan.When you're on a weight loss journey planning and preparing is really important. It really helps to think through your meals so you don't get caught out and end up having a sod it moment! It's useful to also plan some new recipes to try so you don't get bored. It's also really really useful to plan ahead if you're eating out or drinking. Looking at menu's online before you head to a restaurant is a top tip. Also not being scared to think of something you'd like to ask for that isn't on the menu. You can use flexible syns, this is where you have a think about how many syns you're going to need to get through an event still beautifully in control. You can set a limit then count backwards, then wake up the next day feeling proud that you stuck to what you'd set :-) This stops any guilt ruining the rest of your week. Our week is like a bunch of 7 red roses. Imagine the most gorgeous bunch of roses, if one died would you throw the rest away?!? No, you'd just pick out the one dead one then carry on enjoying the ones you've got left. The same goes for our weeks, don't let one bad day ruin your whole week.So I'm talking about planning and preparing yet today I was totally unplanned and totally unprepared!!! I was supporting one of my lovely team this morning J in her new group. I needed to be there for 9am and hadn't thought about breakfast. I hadn't got much in so ended up having just a boring bowl of all bran! Group was fab!!! We had some amazing weight losses, the biggest being a whopping 9lbs in a week!Lunch was nice, I was going to have a tuna salad then realised I had no tuna lol! Slight problem. So I decided to have a bacon, mushroom and onion omelette with salad. I then used one of my fav gadgets, a pineapple cutter. So I had pineapple, strawberries and raspberries with fat free pineapple and coconut yogurt and of course, choc shot! So 1/2 syn.Dinner ironically again wasn't planned! We decided we were going to have a CR special, this is a syn free recipe my bf created, it's like Spanish chicken. So off he went to sainsburys to get some supplies! I started cooking it then we realised the key ingredient was missing! Tomatoes! Now before Slimming World I would of had my own sod it moment and gone straight down the Chinese!  I hunted through my cupboards and created my own recipe, I will call it a NM special.  I had no idea if it would work but OMG IT WAS AMAZING!!!!! We loved it!! It was a take on sw sticky chicken. This is the recipe :-Fry off some chicken with garlic, Cajun spices, piri piri spices and fresh chilli. Then mix together 2 teaspoons of honey, soy sauce, lime juice and balsamic vinegar. Add this sauce to the chicken and cook on high until it all goes sticky. We had it with some Wholemeal pasta and a large salad. It was so lovely and a NM special will now be a regular!! Give it a whirl!!Im having shopping withdrawals!! I'm certainly going to hit the shops tomorrow!! My perfect Saturday is to go to the gym, hit the shops after A shower then come home and read magazines while catching up on my favourite TV programmes!!! I've finished season two of orange is the new black already! My sister E recommend a series called mistresses. I searched for it on iTunes and downloaded it. E said that the characters were American but the ones in my programme were English?!? Well I'd downloaded the wrong bloody series hadn't I!! Oh well, it's actually quite good!!! Again I didn't properly plan that did I!! Just rushed in to it and ended up making a mistake.We plan loads of other things in life, so if weight loss is really important to you then give it a bit of time and plan plan plan. This weekend we've got the football and Father's Day, this may require some planning to prevent the 7 p's!Have a fab weekend all and Happy Fopping xx