Today's food

Breakfast was porridge in my new bowl!!! Had it with berries, a banana, cinnamon and stevia.Lunch was soooooooo good!!!!! My sw version of a Mexican wrap/ taco. An egg wrap with the chilli left from last nights dinner and salad. Loved it!!!Dinner Was Garlic and herb stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon, a mix of sweet potato and normal potato sw chips and salad lovely and all syn free!!! How cool is my mini fryer!! I love it!!!!!Recipe:-You just cut a pocket in the chicken and stuff it with a mix of garlic, quark and parsley. Then sprinkle with Swartz chicken seasoning and spray with fry light. Cook in the oven to your liking, approx 35 mins I'd say. The chips had paprika on and just fry light and salt. Yum!!!!!Snacks were raw carrots and dessert fruit, fat free Greek yogurt sprinkled with cinnamon and sweetener. I also had a quick half of larger for 5 syns as I had something to celebrate :-) more coming on that soon.Happy Fopping xxx