Weekend in pics :-)

Hi all!! What a lovely weekend I've had! I'm all fopped out!!Friday night we had this gorgeous prawn curry. So easy to do!! Just fry prawns with garlic, ginger and chilli. Add curry powder, chopped tinned tomatoes and some fish sauce. Season then at the end add some fat free natural yogurt stirred in.Saturday I did body combat. I quickly got showered and had lunch, then off to try a cranial osteopath. They said I've got quite an uncommon issue whereby the bones that hold your brain are catching on each other when they're trying to move about. He's slowly manipulated it and I've got to go back again. It may not be the cause of my dizziness but it could be playing a part. I'll try anything!!! There were also a few very strange tests going in, one involving his arms in between my legs lol!! Not awkward at all!!Before my appointment I literally flew in to topshop and ended up doing pretty well in 30 minutes :-) yet another kimono to add my collection!!We were out for the night for my bf's dad's birthday, we went to a nice restaurant called High Pavement. I had one glass of wine then went on to gin and slim. The New Zealand White wine there is amaze!!!! I didn't have a starter or a dessert and choose this salmon dish. Not ideal but there really wasn't many sw friendly options.As it wasn't a late one we got up and and met his parents for a coffee at costa. I had a de cafe regular coffee with skimmed milk. I've been doing no caffeine to see if that helps too, makes me feel so tired though!!!We then went to leamington to my lovely members new coffee shop/cafe. Coffee architects, OMG it's amazing!!!! This was my lunch and chocolate brownie dessert. It's so nice to be able to eat out and know it's healthy :-) The owner makes sure everything is on plan at Slimming World. We can't advertise it as sw friendly but it is!! Such a friendly, beautiful place, check it out if your ever in Leamington.After lunch we had a quick look round the shops, you guessed it!! More new clothes for me, yeah :-) It's that annoying in between weather now where it's too cold for summer stuff but not cold enough for jumpers and jeans. This was today's outfit, jeans and my new white top :-) my bf had ripped jeans and a white tee on too lol, embarrassing!! We don't co ordinate on purpose, promise!!We then nipped to Morrisons to use our fab voucher from the sun. I got the new muller fruitopolis yogurts, ummmm not really impressed I'm afraid, 1/2 syn per pot. Bit bland for me. Got to decide now what's for dinner!! Oh and book a holiday to Barcelona!!I hope you've all had a fab weekend with lots of Fopping!!!Have a nice evening xxx