Weekend meltdown

Morning all. Well my weekend has been eventful!!Have you ever had a total melt down before a night out? Clothes get tried on then launched across the room, you're standing there nearly in tears in your underwear, as that's all you have to wear, there's millions of clothes, but yet you have NOTHING!! Your poor partner just stands there not knowing what the hell to say, then if they do offer some words of reassurance, it's not want you to want to hear so you bite their head off! You declare you can't possibly go out now and just basically have a complete bf!! (B***h fit!!) Well this was me Friday night. I've not been "a have it large Marge" during this tricky month but I have been more "flexi Lexie" than usual. A few extra meals out, a celebration here and there, a few extra vodkas, you get the picture. Then Friday it was star week and I just couldn't stop eating. I was enjoying it all until I had to get ready Friday. It was my friends husbands 40th. I tried on what I wanted to wear but my stomach decided to pretend I was 9 months pregnant!! It looked awful! So I ended up trying on a million different dresses, leggings, trousers, skirt and top combos, to end up calling my friend and saying I'd cancelled the taxi and I wasn't able to go out. Lol, I'd say this is probably the worst I've even been!! Now you might be thinking, but you've got nothing to worry about, but I swear star week hates me!!!!!! I literally feel and look a stone heavier!! I'm sure some of you feel exactly the same.I pulled myself together, put the same outfit on I'd tried on first lol and re booked another taxi. I was boiling hot all night and could hardly move in my outfit, but I still had a fab night!! It really didn't matter, no one made a big sign saying OMG look at Nicola!! Doesn't she look awful lol! It's shame my bf had work the next day as I think he could of done with a lot more alcohol after his ordeal!! He said he tried to google an app on how to deal with your gf having a tantrum he he. There should be an app for that!!!I saw this fantastic visual which said, "it's all fun and games until your jeans don't fit anymore!" This is so true for me!!!!! I'll always enjoy those high syn food and drinks, but to me feeling good and feeling comfortable and confident means so much more!! Friday confirmed it!!! I never want to feel like that again!!!Now I realise there's a lot more important things to worry about than what you look like, but for me to be truly happy I need to feel confident and happy in my own skin. Otherwise look what happens!!! I'm totally on it in between social events, I've actually said no to a lot of things this weekend!!I've had my nephew overnight. We went to Hatton country park and saw Santa yesterday. It was so lovely!!! Like Santa says, if we're good, we get what we want! This applies to a slimmer too ;-) The thing is though we aren't being bad if we take a de tour, we're just human! No one can be perfect all the time, not even Santa! He loves his mince pies!!After that we went bowling. Lol my newphew is so competitive!! I started off rubbish then totally found my groove and got a strike and ended up coming 2nd. You can't just let the kids win right?!? Again this is a parallel to a slimmer. Some fly straight away and get strikes every week and they make it look easy! Some are slower off the mark, they take more time to find their grooves. Some fail to even knock one pin down, but if you keep trying you can soon be a winner!! You might need to swop the ball your using or try a different position to throw, or even get some help from someone else, but you can turn it around by making some changes.After bowling we went to get some food. I had gammon, a jacket potato and salad. I swopped from chips and a fried egg to this. It was really nice!! I do have a new found empathy for moms!! Leftovers, OMG I couldn't resist a leftover potato wedge from my best friends son, also my nephew offered me a sweet, I took it then ate it without even realising I'd eaten it!! At the in door play park though I didn't touch the hundreds of cakes on offer, I got a de cafe coffee and an apple. I made sure I had a big breakfast and I'd eaten lunch before we went, otherwise I knew I'd end up consuming more syns than I'd planned to. Planning really is the key for days like this isn't it, you can feel confident knowing you've protected yourself. I've loved having him though, only down side they wake up flipping early!!I hope you've all had a lovely weekend. I'm off to town later to do a bit of make up shopping. Then Monday I'm going to London!! I'm so excited!! Hitting winter wonderland with a quick stop off to Libertys. They sell an amazing make up range that's huge ATM. I'm desperate to try it and they only sell in there or in a couple of space stores. I've heard AMAZING things about it. Let's hope it's worth the journey! I'll keep you posted on it.Have an amazing day all. Happy Fopping xxx