Where could I of gone wrong?!?

 Have you ever had a week when you truly believe you have food optimised 100% and not lost weight? These are the weeks where it's more important than ever to stay to group. We can help you dig deep and really think anything little thing that may of sabotaged you without even realising. I love Thursdays as it's group night. I adore my groups!! We had losses all the way up to 8 1/2lbs. How fab is that! We did have one girl, L that was gutted!!! She was going to quit until one of my other members chatted to her and they discovered she had actually been drinking juice and had forgotten it wasn't free. It worked out in total that 60 syns had been consumed in liquids. Bless her, she was happy for me to share this in case it helps anyone else, what a little star!!! So proud of her and of my amazing social team!!There are lots of reasons why we might not have lost weight in a particular week. Each of these common reasons is unlikely to ruin our weight loss on their own - but one or two together on a regular basis would. Using heaped instead of level spoonfuls. Believe it or not, flour is 3½ Syns per 20g level tablespoon - a heaped tablespoon is double! Not trimming/draining off the fat from meat, or taking the skin off chicken - it adds Syns to what could be completely Free and unlimited food! Pre-frying vegetables for omelettes, chillies or curries etc. Remember, 1 level tablespoon of fat or oil is 6 Syns! Yorkshire puddings - Most are 4 Syns for a 30g pud, and remember to include the fat in the roasting pan - this can bump it up to 8 Syns per pud! Pasta on an Original day - 4 Syns per 25g before cooking, 1½ Syns per 25g after cooking. Beware! Fresh pasta (as opposed to dry) on a Green day may need to be counted as Syns. Check it out! "Forgotten" regulars, eg a small glass (150ml) of orange juice for breakfast (3½ Syns). Do you write it down? Sugar or milk in tea or coffee - it really adds up! Beware, vending machine drinks have Syns and takeaway hot drinks are even higher! Eg a skimmed milk Latte can add up to 8 Syns or more! Buying your sandwiches? Hidden mayo, coleslaw and cream cheese fillings could add as much as 12 Syns! Using full cream or semi-skimmed milk? Remember, per pint the Syn values are: full cream = 18½ Syns, semi-skimmed = 13 Syns, skimmed = 9½ Syns, and for a dash of milk in a cuppa: 1½ Syns, 1 Syn or ½ Syn respectively. Eating out? Check for butter on the vegetables or hiding in sauces. If you don't want to count it, just ask for your meal without. Guessing weights of Healthy Extras or Syns. (An extra 15g of bran flakes each morning can add an extra 2½ Syns each day!) Thinking that breakfast cereals like Rice Krispies are Healthy Extras – they don’t have enough fibre to be a Healthy Extra, and they’ll add 5 Syns per 25g! Swapping granary or white bread as a Healthy Extra. Just one medium slice can be 4 Syns – and if you slice your own, that can increase to a whopping 8-10 Syns! Guessing your milk allowance. A splash of skimmed milk in each cup of tea or coffee – ½ Syns each – and on your breakfast cereal – without measuring - could see you adding an extra 3 or more Syns. Pubs that don't bother to give you diet drinks when you specifically asked for one. A standard can of coke – as opposed to diet coke – is 7 Syns! Like your tipple? Are your home measures really as mean as a pub measure? Or are they more like a double? (That’s 5 Syns instead of 2½!) Mistaking pureed or canned fruit for Free Food. Just 1 apple pureed into apple sauce counts as 2½ Syns! Picking up low-fat (as opposed to virtually fat free) yogurts, fromage frais or cottage cheese thinking it’s Free! Double-check first – it might not be! Products labelled "no added sugar" or "low fat" may have high Syn values - remember to check. Eating the children's leftovers - "shame to throw it away!" Licking the lids from yogurt pots/licking the cake bowl or spoon. Pinching little comfort treats e.g. one of the children's sweets, a bite of your partners Mars bar - they all add up!Not checking Syns before you eat them (don't mentally reduce that portion so that it conveniently adds up to 10!) Allow yourself to get hungry so that you grab high Syn snacks whilst preparing your meal.Do any of those ring true with you?!? They do with me!! Moral of the story, stay to group, chat to your friends, we will always help you find something that could be getting in your way.So the bit you've been waiting for!! Food! Today I've had my favourite breakfast. Smoked salmon, scrambled egg and mushrooms, spinach and other sautéed veg. I had it with two scan bran as they fill me up for hours!!! I had the other three with lunch, which was mackerel in tomatoe sauce and salad. Dinner was my six minute special!!! Chick pea Dahl from tesco and cauliflower rice. Award for meal of the day goes to.......... Dessert!!!!! I've ordered peanut butter flavour essence, coconut flavour and chocolate hazelnut all from eBay. OMG they are unreal!!!! Syn free too!!!!I got a banana and spilt in down the middle, I added a toffee muller lite, I then mixed choc shot with a little hot water  and added the peanut butter essence. I then drizzled this all over the banana and toffee yogurt. It made a banoffee peanut and chocolate delight!!! All for 1/2 syn, amazing!!!!!Have a great weekend all and happy Fopping!!!!xxx20140612-220239-79359593.jpg20140612-220240-79360733.jpg20140612-220237-79357193.jpg20140612-220237-79357531.jpg20140612-220237-79357580.jpg20140612-220237-79357483.jpg20140612-220237-79357337.jpg20140612-220237-79357268.jpg20140612-220237-79357387.jpg20140612-220237-79357434.jpg