What's in my tool box?!?

Have you heard the quote, a tool is only as good as it's user?I know a few tools in life ha ha and I'm also not very good at using tools, unless they are for applying make up or making food!At Slimming World we have our very own tool box, never ever give up without trying every single tool. Trust me we have something for everyone!!Some members sail through their journeys without needing a tool. However if you are struggling or feel you've lost your mojo, you're lovely caring consultant can give you a tool to help.So what's in our tool boxes?!The most common tool is a food diary. These are mainly used for new members and for members that feel they need to check they're doing the plan correctly. If you're given a food diary, it's really important you fill it in as you go and commit to giving it back to your consultant. You can also fill these in online. The online food diary is fab!! You can track the syns there and then, plus discover any new healthy extras that may of been added on. Something you thought was free you may discover actually isn't. We don't want to become obsessed with food diaries though. Naturally slim people don't write every single thing they eat down do they lol?! You may just want a little note book to track the syns instead?Do you sometimes have a disappointing week and you're not sure why? Queue the SAS logs! Slimmers against sabotage. I love this tool. It's helps you identify any little thing that may be be sabotaging you that you weren't even aware of. This is for your eyes only, it should hopefully help you identify any danger times or triggers. It also helps you to plan and self praise.Increase speed and super speed foods. This is fab for boosting losses. Highlight all the S and SS foods and smash them!Success express. A fab tool again to boost losses. It's a plan that increases your superfree foods. See an earlier blog on this.Flexible syns. Perfect if you struggle with occasions or you set yourselves impossibly high standards. Set a sensible amount you need for an event and work backwards. You stay in control and eliminate that, I've blown it feeling, what happens when we feel like that?!? We end up writing the whole week off!! True flexible syns as opposed to a sod it night is a great tool to limit any damage.If you seem to have lost the want the For & Against list is for you. List all the reasons you want to lose weight, all the amazing advantages of it and how you'll feel when you do. Then list any againsts. What you might find is the againsts aren't even valid, ie dieting is boring. Fab news, this isn't a diet!! I can't eat chocolate, yes you can :-) have it with you for times you be having a wobble. Remind yourself by reading it how much losing weight means to you.We also have some last resorts that I can't go in to. These are to talk through with your consultant. They are a personal eating plan and fast forward. Try all the others before you ever go down this route. Trust me you won't like them!I'd like to finish with this quote, "You have a destiny and a purpose that no one else on this earth can fulfill…and you have traveled a unique journey that has equipped you along the way with the tools you need to carry it out.”So I hope you all have a wonderful day. I've included some recent meal pics too. Any questions just shout. I've booked a holiday to Barcelona 5th September so I'm using the success express tool and increasing my speed and super speed food, also lots of body magic!! Can't wait!!Happy Fopping xxx