What's your happy weight?!

Good evening, this is something I've thought a lot about recently. What is my happy weight? What's your happy weight?!? What is a happy weight?!? Confusing right!!When I got to target I felt amazing!!!! The best I'd ever felt. I weighed 9 stone 7lbs and at 5ft 6 I was really happy with that. I'd lost 3 stone in 3 months, I didn't crash diet, I didn't use milk shakes, I did it in a healthy happy way. A fabulous plan, slimming world and at the end exercise too. I felt unstoppable. I got a new job from it, I ended an unhappy relationship and met someone new. I got a new house. I was super happy. This lasted 7 years, I maintained my happy weight all that time as I was happy. So I was sorted right? Wrong. Things change.After a difficult break up I lost weight without trying and went down to 9.1lbs, for my height and shape I looked really slim. Most people thought too slim. I was a small size 8. I'd always thought this would feel amazing. Don't get me wrong I felt flipping good being so slim, but I'd got there because I was unhappy. A number on the scales can't change how you feel as a person. A lot of girls find the heartbreak diet kicks in after a break up and on the outside you may look and feel fantastic, but on the inside it's a whole different story. A number or dress size won't solve your problems. You might think controlling your weight and looking hot will make you feel better, but it doesn't. You might look at super skinny people now on TV and think OMG I'd love to be them. I'm not going to lie, I still do this!! A lot of the time though they are super skinny now as they are desperately unhappy. What you prefer? To be a size 6 and miserable or a happy healthy weight and love life?!? No brainer really. So when you next wish you looked super skinny, if you do, consider that they may rather be you.When you meet someone the opposite can then happen, you go on dates, have cozy nights in with a take away, go for drinks, weekends away, they may cook for you non sw food, you tend to gain weight, you settle down and become happy and content, you don't feel as motivated to lose weight as you're happy. Ha ha bonus, you might think, well sod it, Ive bagged a man now so It doesn't matter if I gain weight!! But then gaining weight can make you unhappy!! Can't win. Or can we?!?What's the answer? Find your happy weight, figure out what that means to you. Yes I liked being 9 stone 2lbs, but I wasn't eating much and I wasn't in a good place. I really don't think I could get to that weight again and stay happy, as I love food and going out. I'm the happiest now I think I've ever been, but I'm also heavier!I'm not at target right now, I do really want to get back there though. It's about 7lbs, but that's 7lbs makes a big difference to how I feel in my clothes and I would be happier at that weight. So I'm on the case!! I know I can get there as I've done it before. It's about finding a balance.You'll know when you get there as you'll feel happy on the inside and on the outside. You won't obsess about food, scales, what you look like, having the lights turned off if you're naked lol, doing the wiggle dance to get in your jeans or having a total melt down when getting ready as nothing fits. We've all been there.Will losing weight automatically make you happy? No, that's the truth. It will help but it won't be the ultimate reason. Figure out what you love, what you want to do, be grateful for what you've got and if you aren't where you want to be in life right now, change it. Put steps in place and don't hold yourself back. Believe in yourself, life's too short to be unhappy. Ok so I'm not a skinny size 8 but I've got a fantastic boyfriend who I adore, amazing family and friends, a job I love more than I can put in to words with incredible members and team members, a lovely house, a nice car and nice clothes. I know I can get back to target and I'll do it in a happy healthy way :-)I feel better getting that out ha ha. Enjoy your evening folks. Happy Fopping xx