Yuk sung and turkey burgers xx

Hi all.I promised my recipe for yuk sung so here it is below. I loved it!!!!I've not long got back from a wonderful class on my team. The weight losses were amazing!!! The consultant is just fantastic!! So warm, caring and also hilarious!! She's so passionate about the plan and it's infectious. One lovely girl mentioned my blog and that it helped her. Blush!!! What a lovely thing to say, thanks Hun and really well done on your amazing weight loss!!!!! It's so nice to know that I can not only help my amazing members of my group, but I can help other people too. This is exactly why I do it. SW changed my life forever, so it's really nice that I can give something back. There's a lot of groups online that aren't official groups and incorrect information can be given out. There's never ever a substitute to going and staying to group. Your own consultant should always be your first point of contact. I only ever share things that we are allowed to share and I only share things when we are allowed to. The rest is my personal recipes and then of course shopping, make up etc!! It by no means replaces image therapy. Facebook is amazing and I love love love it, but sitting in a room with other slimmers and your lovely consultant, will always be the very best way to learn about food optimising and to get support, also it's really good fun!!! If you don't stay you really are missing out guys. This is simply an additional life line for people in-between group :-) So if you have syns questions, plan questions etc, please always ask your consultant first or make use of all the over tools you get once you're a member.So here we go, today's food.Breakfast was 40g all bran, berries and cinnamon. HEB and some of my HEALunch, yuk sung and stir fry.little gem lettuce leavesLow calorie cooking sprayGarlic granules3cm fresh ginger, peeled and sliced very finelyMushrooms, finely slicedQuorn mince (can use pork, turkey or chicken too if less than 5%fat)As much ready chopped frozen celery, onion and carrot mix from sainsburysA few big splashes of dark soy sauce2 tbsp oyster sauceChopped red chilliLiterally just fry it all off and mix in the sauces then serve in the lettuce leaves. I had mine with stir fry. I added chicken stock and lime to this. Yummy and syn free, also a perfect eesp meal.Dessert was my fav, quark mixed with chocolate praline options (2 syns) served with mixed berries.Dinner was turkey burgers and more stir fry. Just mix together the mince with whatever spices you like, I liked adding ginger, chilli and Cajun or Moroccan spices. To bind use an egg white. These were baked in the oven then own fried to brown off. Had them with stir fry and a tbs of old El Paso salsa, this is mega low!!! 2tbs is 0.5 syn. Burgers are Syn free and again, fab on eesp!!Dessert was my eesp version of English trifle. OMG I loved it!!! I highly recommend this flavour. So it's just fat free cottage cheese, ( yes I know, open minds please he he) mixed with sweetener, English trifle flavouring from cupcake world and more mixed berries then a crumbled rocky road bar from my HEB. Heaven!! So far this is one of my favourite flavours, along with mint choc, orange choc, rhubarb and custard and key lime pie. http://www.cupcake-world.co.ukI hope you've all had a fab day. I can't wait to watch cbb lol, sad I know!! I'm so glad ken has been thrown out now too!! I think they've actually done him a favour, he would of just got himself in even more trouble if he stayed!!Night night and Happy Fopping xxxx