Choc chip cookies

Choc chip cookies!!!!!! 1.5 syns & a healthy extra B choice!!!! There's already a video on my youtube for how I make these. Today's are using 1/2 an @ohso_goodforyou chocolate bar. It's the most perfect size for breaking up and using as choc chips!!! No added sugar and packed with a billion good bacteria! Healthy chocolate!!! These cute little bars are just brilliant!! Use code slimming25 for 25% off 😘I also just added a tbs of flavoured fat free yogurt today, I didn't need any sweetener or flavourings. Just stunning!!!!!! My group have gone mad on them too. We've had lots of versions now, carrot, berry, ginger, what can you create??? Tag me and I might share yours. Thanks to Mark for this idea of the adding the chocolate!Video is here. Feel free to share xx