To weigh or not to weigh?!?!

Hi All,Well it's been a while!!!! I tend to post mainly on Instagram/facebook now, or I do vlogs as opposed to blogs.I wanted to do this as a blog review . I wanted to make sure I got my reasons across correctly. As a long term target member I don't weigh in a group every week. I found that healthy balance where I didn't feel the need. After 16 years I know the plan inside out and I've maintained really well. Until recently! I don't need to join a class, I know what to do. I'm a TD and Gold consultant, so I'm trained to a high level and I have 11 years experience. I need to simply just weigh myself again. I could tell I'd put weight on, but without knowing for sure I've coasted for ages!! I needed to know how over target I was, I needed that motivation back and a reality check!Some people don't agree with scales, or weighing yourself at all. They don't define you, they don't rule you, but they do let you know if what you're doing is working or not. My consultant scales are for group. I weigh in the morning and my group is an evening group. Plus I need a big lunch for group day to keep me going, no chance I'm weighing after that lol!! I used to have a set of manual SW scales, but they stopped working and we don't use them any more, so this is why I went blind with weighing unintentionally. I food optimise pretty much 100%, but things were creeping in, or not being accurately counted 24/7 as I'm at target, but I'm not at present in my range.Now I didn't want just any old scales for at home. I wanted ones that not only showed me my weight, but also my body fat. As I like to work out, body fat is just as important to me. As long as I feel slim and toned I'm happy. At present I don't. SO after a lot of research I found the Omron brand. These are what they have at my gym. I wanted to try a few different models to compare and check the consistency and accuracy. Our scales we use in group are very expensive and self calibrate, basically they're the Rolls Royce of scales. I couldn't have some from the £ shop that change readings depending on what surface there on!Why Choose a body composition monitor?Knowing our weight is one thing, but there are other health factors that can indicate, more accurately, how healthy we are on the inside? Omron’s range of body composition monitors can give you accurate and painless body weight and fat measurements. More than just a scale, a body composition monitor can help to keep you motivated as you track your diet or fitness progress or simply as you make basic changes to your lifestyle in order to eat right and exercise more.Omron had fab reviews, so I ordered the following models:-Omron BF511 fat percentage and BMI calculationVisceral fat classification, skeletal muscle percentage classification and resting metabolismWeight can be measured in pounds or kilograms (up to a weight of 150 kg/330 lbs)8-Sensor technology using both hands and feet for an entire body measurementFamily model with measurement from six years onwards.Body fat has low electricity conductivity. The BF511 Body Composition Monitor measures the body fat percentage by using the Bioelectrical Impedance (BI) method. Muscles, blood vessels and bones are body tissues with higher water content that conducts electricity easily. Body fat is tissue that has little electric conductivity. The BF511 sends an extremely weak electrical current of 50 kHz through your body to determine the amount of fat tissue. This weak electrical current is not felt while operating the BF511. In order for the scale to determine body composition, it uses the electrical impedance, along with your height, weight, age and gender information, to generate results based on pre-determined data of body composition.The Omron BF511 Body Composition Monitor is designed to be used by the whole family. It is suitable for everyday use starting from the age of six (with the exception of the visceral fat and skeletal muscle classification which start from 18 years) and is actually really stylish too. It's easy to use and I love you can programme 4 people on them. Set your age, sex and height. Then weigh or use the other features. Very impressed!!!!BF214 and a bit simpler to use. Doesn't have the features the first set has, but they do look good too. BF214Measures your body fat percentageCalculates your BMI (Body Mass Index)Calculates your skeletal muscle percentageFour-user memoryBF508 similar to the first set.bBody monitor with weight measurement in pounds or kilograms (not stones) up to a weight of 150 kg/330 lbsEight sensor technology using both hands and feet for an entire body measurementVisceral fat classification, body fat percentage and BMI calculationGuest mode and easy to useThis is absolutely safe, however, for wearers of electronic medical devices and implants (pacemakers, electrocardiograms, etc.), this current may cause a malfunctionSo my favourite set is the first one. It has the best features and they are such a good price too!!!!!The one thing I will stick to is a weekly weigh in only. This is so important. Please read the blog below as to why. review is more for target members and very active people, current members I'd highly recommend just weighing once a week in group only.Happy Fopping xxxxxxx