About me

Hi my name is Nikki and I’m obsessed with food and shopping, I'm a fopperholic!

My passion for food and shopping started 15 years ago. I have always loved food, but that was my problem! I finished college and went off to uni to do a business degree. During my first year I had gained three stone!! With two years left to go I knew I needed to do something about it. My mom and auntie were both going to Slimming World so I tagged along. I have to confess, I was a bit worried that a slimming group wouldn’t really be the place for me, but from the minute I walked in I was amazed at how welcoming everyone was and how much fun they had. I soon discovered that Food Optimising is all about eating plenty and not going hungry or feeling deprived – there was literally nothing I couldn’t have in moderation. Lager and a bag of crisps were fine – just not ten pints and a family-size pack!

I went on to lose 3 stone in 3 months and was hooked!! I’ve been at target now for nearly 15 years and can honestly say it was the best thing I ever did!

Going from a size 16 to a size 10 meant I became a shopping addict!! I could now wear what I wanted and I needed a whole new wardrobe! I will never forget my first pair of skinny jeans, I literally danced around the changing room lol! I could wear backless dresses, bandage dresses, short dresses that actually showed my legs, peplum dresses, maxi dresses without covering my arms up and even bikini's!!!! No more throwing myself on the floor after spending hours trying clothes on to just give up and end up in black trousers and a baggy top! No more combat trousers and baseball caps, no more covering my stomach up with a pillow or breathing in all night, finally I could dress how I'd always wanted to.

As I was so passionate about Slimming World I went and got a job there! I've worked for them now for 9 years and I absolutely love it!! I'm a Team Manager and an award winning Gold Consultant. I'm forever posting pictures of my meals on Facebook and Instagram (nikkislimming1) and I love sharing how I've made them. I'm always posting photos of nights out and I try and make an effort with my clothes every day, I love it when people now ask where my outfits are from! That never ever happened to me before I lost my weight!!! So I thought why not combine my two loves and start my own blog :-)

That's when my invented name Fopperholic was born.