Breakfast Idea - Creamy Zoats!

ZOATS. What are they?!?!?!

It's an American craze that massively took off in the fitness industry. They are so filling, creamy and best of all healthy!!! I've been eating them for years!! So many members are hooked on them now.

Literally just finely grate or blitz 1/2 a courgette, or zucchini as it's called in America and add it in to 40g of oats. Mix well, then add either boiling water, milk, or both. I microwave mine for a few minutes. You'll need less fluid, as the courgette has water in it.

I then top with fruit and stir in either ginger, or cinnamon. So filling!!

You can make so many different varieties. Adding a cap of undiluted sugar free squash works, or any flavouring that's free. Or syn some Nutella, or a sachet of options hot chocolate.

Courgette is very low calorie, but it adds so much volume.

I also do coats, using carrot. Let me know if you try them xxx