Syn Free Cheesy Pasta Carbonara

This is incredible. It’s an old recipe I used to have every week without fail!!!

But then I did a lot of eesp and forgot about it. It’s so easy and quick!!! You’ll need the following for one person:-


  • Pasta or spaghetti. I use wholemeal.

  • Chopped bacon, all fat removed. I use smoked.

  • Onion

  • Mushrooms

  • Big dollop of Quark

  • Reduced fat cheese. 40g is a healthy extra. I use half and spilt my A choice 50/50. You are able to do this. Use all of it if you prefer it really cheesy, or are cooking for 2.

  • An egg

  • Fresh chives

  • Garlic fry light

  • Seasoning


1. Spray a large pan with garlic fry light and add the bacon, mushrooms and onion.
2. Boil the pasta
3. In a bowl whisk an egg, a big dollop of quark, seasoning, half the chopped chives and half the cheese.
4. On a very gentle heat add to the bacon and stir continuously.
5. Drain the pasta and spoon over the bacon mixture.
6. Sprinkle with the rest of the chives and cheese and season.

Serve with 1/3rd speed food. I used spinach today!

Gorgeous and so filling!!!!

Happy Fopping xxx

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